Bohemia Interactive’s newest survival game, Vigor, is now officially released and live on the Xbox One. You’ll need Xbox Live Gold to partake, but once you’ve cleared that hurdle, you’ll be free to explore and loot post-apocalyptic Norway to your heart’s content.

Available only in English during its beta, Vigor’s 1.0 release adds several language options and more game servers throughout the world, including South America and Australia. Other features that have been added over the course of a year’s development include duos and various performance improvements which have raised the frames per second from 16 in the game’s earliest days to 60.

Bohemia also posted some numbers from the the recent free weekend, which saw 141,183 players, 263,709 kills, and 6,217 clumsy falling deaths. After the apocalypse, it’s not other survivors you’ll need to watch out for, but gravity. Learn more about Vigor’s 1.0 release on the game’s website or visit its official Xbox One page to learn more.

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  1. Also

    Vigor is an Xbox One exclusive as we want to focus our development to provide the best possible experience for the players. Xbox Game Preview allows us to do that while developing a game for console. We also want to build a strong community and let our players help shape and improve the game before its full release.

  2. Maybe I missed something but vigor is not free to play at this time. Still only a 2 hour trial and it still cost 20$. Looking at the game on my xbox one X right now.

    • From the post linked in the article: “Good news everyone. Vigor is now a fully Free-to-Play game for everyone, fully graduated from Xbox Game Preview. The announcement as a part of the Inside Xbox show at Gamescom was a blast.”

      Probably just not updated on the marketplace yet. 🙂


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