It’s almost time for the next season of raids in Villagers & Heroes, and things are about to get fiery. In fact, when the tower opens, players will find themselves in a fiery lair inhabited by the fire-demon Zell. Known as Orla’s Veldt, Zell’s lair is filled with puzzles and tricks, and platforms surrounded by lava.

It’s your job to make your way to the lair’s inner sanctum where you’ll find Zell. Avoid his deadly horns and sharp claws, and maybe you’ll survive the game. And it kind of is a game, because Zell is the creation of an orphan girl who resides with him forever and waits patiently for visitors willing to “play” with them.

Of course, a new season means new rewards and players can earn several items — the first just for even attempting the raid — Zell’s Emblem. Those who stick it out and work their way through the tiers can obtain a rare toy and a new mount. There are also new relics to be had and a new half-frog/half-lizard companion named Croaker.

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