Gaijin Entertainment’s calling Update 1.79, a.k.a. Project X, for War Thunder a “Major Update,” and who are we to argue? The list of new content, as described by the narrator in the video, includes “new tanks, aircraft, and locations, the start of the closed beta for naval battles, a launch on a new platform, a massive overhaul of sounds in air battles, and lots and lots of other changes. That’s quite the list!

Every nation gets new rides, with 13 new ground and 17 air vehicles added to the game, and there are two new maps: Italy for ground battles and Ladoga for air battles. More notably, War Thunder will be on Xbox One and Xbox One X at an unspecified future date. Shortly after that, the closed beta for naval battles will commence, with German and American ships leading the way.

Even if you don’t indulge in the new stuff, Update 1.79 adds totally new sounds for aircraft cannons and machine guns, and camera position will impact the sounds you hear. Tactical-minded players can examine shell penetration and module damage chances for any shell against any part of any tank from the comfort and safety of their own hangar.

There’s a lot to explore in this update, so hop in the game to check it out or read the changelog on the War Thunder site.

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