War Thunder Celebrates 10th Anniversary With New Sturmtiger SPG And Content Rewarding Vehicle Cosmetics

"We are glad that the popularity of War Thunder has only been growing over the years."

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War Thunder 10th Anniversary

Gaijin Entertainment has announced War Thunder's 10th anniversary just after the "Fire and Ice" Update release. The birthday celebrations feature new content and activities in-game and introduce the Sturmtiger SPG fitted with high-explosive rockets.

Players can get their hands on the Sturmtiger and anniversary cosmetics, like unique vehicle decals, decorators, and camouflage by completing missions in the "Dreams Come True" event until November 14. Ten rare vehicles from previous anniversaries will be prizes, too. That includes the TB-3M-17-32 bomber, Ya-5M boat, DB-7 bomber, and many others. Also, on November 7, fans can research the legendary German Maus super-heavy tank and add it to their hangers for future play.

Sturmtiger SPG

As for the next ten years of War Thunder, the devs have a lot of plans in place depending on what's possible over the years. For example, they plan to "enhance all aspects of War Thunder - from graphics and interface to new interesting game mechanics and modes." Moreover, there will be new tech trees, modern military vehicles, and more WWII designs. Nothing is "concrete until new features or vehicles are actually ready," but the next ten are shaping up to revamp the game and include additions that enhance the player experience.

You can read more on the War Thunder website!

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