It’s still not too late to launch your Christmas event, at least if you’re Gaijin Entertainment and War Thunder. The Festive Quest is now underway and offers players the chance to pick up for premium vehicles — two air and two ground — by completing a series of in-game challenges.

The vehicles up for the offering are the French MB.152C1 and German Fw 190 C aircraft and the Soviet SU-85A and American T30 Heavy Tank (USA). To earn then, you’ll have to collect Christmas toys, and the way you earn those is by completing three of five tasks in one of two different sets — one for pilots and one for tankers. It takes five toys to win the first vehicle in each category and 10 toys to earn the second, with other various prizes offered along the way.

The task list resets every two days and the program runs until Jan. 14, so you’ve got 24 days, or 12 chances, to earn toys. If you still come up short, you’ll be able to purchase additional toys on Jan. 17 to complete your collection. Check out the War Thunder site for more details on the Festive Quest.

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