Gaijin Entertainment’s new CGI trailer for War Thunder hits all the right notes. It’s got lifelike CGI, impeccable atmosphere, orchestrated chaos, explosions and slow motion spit. CGI trailers often completely miss the mark in their depiction of actual gameplay, but in the case of Heroes, the trailer does a good job dramatizing what actually occurs in-game. Well, minus all the soldiers running for cover.

The trailer doesn’t seem to coincide with anything in particular, but encompasses Gaijin’s vision of the game, where hosts of aircraft, ground vehicles and naval forces are locked in a full-scale global conflict. War Thunder is said to be adding player controlled tank play in a special “Ground Forces” update in the near future which will move the combat simulator one step closer to that goal.

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  1. You know I love trailers that use CGI and shit to hype their game; because the game NEVER looks as good. Sets up expectations only for it to disappoint. God bless CGI.

    • Yet, most CGI trailers targets audience that… Like CGI trailers. I, for example, hate MOBAs, but I’ve enjoyed LoL’s CGI trailers a lot.

      There’s also people who believe the better the CGI trailer is, the better it gets when the game is done. It’s some kind of “effort-meter”, if you know what i’m trying to say.

      There was this other one, the one they used to promote Phantasy Star Online 2; the game plays nothing like the trailer itself, but the composition of visuals/music made for the trailer is just perfect. The game ended up being pretty good. There’s also the one for Dragon Nest, the one with a puppeteer telling the story of the dragons, that one’s almost a masterpiece too. On the other side, we have Warframe’s CGI trailer that doesn’t show a single thing you cannot do ingame. Constrasts, huh? Even then, all these games with good trailers ended up being over-average in some or another way.

      I know you can’t say how good a game is/will be by watching the CGI trailer, but there’s an added value when you know a company is trying to promote their game by doing these kind of things. Things can go wrong, of course, but there’s a smaller chance things go wrong when a team is ‘trying’ their best to do something cool, even if it’s only eye-candy.

      • “I know you can’t say how good a game is/will be by watching the CGI trailer, but there’s an added value when you know a company is trying to promote their game by doing these kind of things. ”

        Perhaps..but then I’d enjoy pointing the finger at Final Fantasy 13. We -all- know how that turned out..

  2. They have a test server with tanks n planes already. But this game has bigger p2w elements than wot. So meh. If you cash its worth it. Otherwise you have bad balance.

  3. This trailer made me feel like they were planning to make a f2p world war two MmoRTS with land air and sea forces. Which would be super cool if they did.

  4. If they do the tank aspect well there will be no reason for me to play world of tanks anymore, and there won’t be any reason for anyone else since you get planes + tanks in one game.

    • Not really. These two games are far too different to actually compete for audience. They are like Battlefield and Red Orchestra or Counter-Strike and Insurgency. One values gameplay and balance above all, the other values realism. WoT has well-balanced and polished gameplay, War Thunder is realistic and historically accurate.

      You can argue which one is “better” all you want, but these games are so different that they virtually won’t be able to steal audience from one another. The only ones who are going to quit WoT because of WT are those who didn’t like WoT in the first place and were looking for an excuse to stop playing it. But they would have eventually quit WoT even without WT.

      I personally won’t stop playing WoT. For me War Thunder is a good addition to WoT and WoWP (and WoBS), not a replacement. In my opinion these games complement each other very well.


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