Warface Update Adds All-New Blitz Mode Map

QuintLyn Bowers
By QuintLyn Bowers, News Editor Posted:

Publisher My.com released a new update for its free-to-play online first-person shooter Warface today. The update includes a new Blitz mode map titled "Residence." The map is set in a luxury villa owned by the game's primary villian, Oberon White -- the driving force behind Blackwood.

Also added with this update are two new weapons; the ZX84 A5 Custom high-performance sub-machine gun and the Atheris GQ50 sniper rifle. Both of these can be read about in detail on the Warface site.

Finally, My.com also announced the launch of a new server for the Asian market. This is the first regional server to be located in Hong Kong and will provide players in Asia with a lower ping -- and hopefully a better game experience.

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Discussion (3)

Ren the rose 6 years ago
I have a fully automatic non- recoil sniper rifle that three shots most of people and shoots as fast as an AK-47 it cost me $5 I know outfight any rifle in a match I also have the best armor in the game which allows me to heal overtime which if a free-to-play member had they would lose money on the repair bill at the end of the match 90% of the time this game is so infested with script kiddies with aimbots on average you run into between 15 to 16 people day when they get band one day then they come back in next and start all over and this game considers a headshot a shot kill on most people unless you're using the weakest of the SMGs the population is so low right now that you're going to see one in every single match PVE is fun but incredibly difficult requires a good team if you don't have a good team you need Revival coins what's now the hardest things ever to get for free-to-play player but you can still buy them also did I mention that you lose money if you wear the best armor and permanent weapons in PVE people who don't call this game pay to win obviously haven't played it for the long term if you don't put money into this game you will hit a brick wall you will need to go broke or you will have to back down all your equipment and let the people that pay have the obvious advantage

Labertaler 6 years ago
Not Pay2win also its population is decent hovering around 2-4k ^^ it was pay2win once ... i already have over 15 perm weapons ... armor ... and attachments from playing 1-2 hours for 3 days

trionisshit 6 years ago
one of most shitty pay to win game, good this shit is dead long time aggo, only in shithole this poop still alive for real brainless rusisians doneting to win for cash.

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