Crytek’s free-to-play online shooter, Warface, is getting a shiny new update for the holidays. The star of the update is a special holiday revamp of the PvP Oil Depot Map. Just for the holidays, players can get their pew-pew on in a festive atmosphere featuring show, fairy lights, and a huge Christmas tree.

In addition to the Oil Depot’s makeover, a graphical overhaul of the Hangar Team Deathmatch map will also be dropping with the update.

Players can also look forward to enhanced weapons as part of the update — a golden R16A1 and a golden tactical axe. And, as always with holiday updates, there are all new bundles, decorative items, and more.

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  1. dead crap, only brainless rushit degeneratas pay to win each other, i cant believe how stupid these poor criminals are, invest more pay to win, alll nerds like cheats

  2. Warface is a f2p shooter with so much potential but is spoiled by a few thing. I have alot of hours personally in the game and was sad I had to put it down. First the game lags much like a browser shooter so bullet registration is so out of whack. It rewards people with terrible ping. Commonly referred to a “red bar vest” in game. People who lag are resistant to bullet reg giving them a huge advantage. Secondly there is 0 anti cheat. Not much needs to be said with that one.

  3. i think it is best realistic f2p fps at this time, BUT! server restrictions? mail.ru is 0. servers are full of 5 years old russian kids and cheaters, minimum 1 cheater per match…. cheaters also are in EU servers + vpn lagers….. they must open all servers… let players choose where to play + game needs better anticheat

  4. Personally the game is great, but the GFace servers are pathetic. I still run better in Warface RU…hell it feels like a different game compared to GFace. Wish the old school shooters would come back, sick of these Crysis Battlefield and COD clones.

  5. I honestly don’t know how all these mind numbing boring repetitive easy games get so popular. Guess it doesn’t take much to entertain a monkey. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  6. From my standpoint, having played the game on gameface and steam, its gonna need a metric f***load more updates in the overall game balance and cash shop balance before I personally, and a few other patrons, even look in the games general direction.


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