Even a space ninja needs something to do in its leisure time.

That’s the reasoning behind Lunaro, the new game mode coming to Digital Extremes’ Warframe later this month, as announced at E3. The rules are simple: Get the Lunaro (ball) past your opponents and into their goal.

However, as the teaser video shows, Tenno will have a few flashy moves at their disposal to accomplish this, focusing “not on violence, but on teamwork and coordination.” The press release says you can disassociate your opponent from the ball with a “crushing hit,” so maybe there’s a little bit of violence.

Coming this week to PC and later to PS4 and Xbox One Warframe players, Lunaro is just one of three major updates planned for Warframe in the next couple of months, including the big one, a new cinematic quest experience titled The War Within. Other upcoming changes include a rework of Warframe’s Star Chart, new companions, and changes and additions to the Archwing space combat system.

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  1. NGoHT on June 15, 2016

    Oh this looks cool actually. Friendly pvp sport 😀

  2. trionisshit on June 15, 2016

    Pfff, i dont know anyone who play pvp and i have hundreds im friend list, they trying to invest some e sports, but no one cares , its boring and not give any progress for real game, liek half year i almost not playing, there is nothing to do because, waiting new content except pvp and trials and arshwings, these craps i not playing!

    • I'mBetterThanYou on June 15, 2016

      Ok you dont know anyone who plays pvp and its cool that you have hundreds of friends in your friend list,that dosent mean the other 22 mil warframe players dont play pvp.And pls try in the future to keep the info to yourself.Ty and have a ncie day .

    • Za'Muro on June 15, 2016

      english …. this is one of the most retarded things ive read

  3. Doomex on June 15, 2016

    What the …. still waiting for the archwing race sport.:))

  4. MrkHUN on June 14, 2016

    Space Ninja Basketball… Yay I guess?

    • MrkHUN on June 16, 2016

      Just played it for like 2 hours straight. Haven’t had this much fun in the game for more than a month now.