The Beasts of the Sanctuary update for Warframe is now live on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, bringing a new Warframe and game mode to console players. The new Warframe, Khora, is a “master of beasts,” fitting for this update, uses a metallic whip and has an similarly metallic cat pet (Kavat) to do its bidding. Meow!

The new game mode, Sanctuary Onslaught, “enables solo players, or a squad of up to four, to quickly dash through timed portals while blasting waves of increasingly powerful enemies.” Sounds like just another day at the office for a cyberninja.

One final note about the emailed press release announcing the update: It starts off by identifying Digital Extremes as an “Independent Canadian developer and publisher,” despite it being mostly owned by Chinese firm Leyou Technologies (and a tiny bit by Perfect World). Seeing as how the question of “What foreign company actually owns a North American game company?” is in the news these days, we thought we should point that curious statement out. We’ve reached out to Digital Extremes for a comment.


  1. Pretty sure that deal was just so they could publish the game in china. I believe there was a thread about this in the warframe forums.


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