Warframe Drops New Trailer Showing Off The Gas City Rework


Digital Extreme is currently busy remastering Warframe‘s Gas City and to get everyone excited about it they’ve decided to offer a look at what’s to come. The remaster will be part of the Jovian Concord update — which includes the Wisp and a new game mode.

If you’d like a peek at Gas City’s new look, we’ve got you covered. Just check out the video below.


  1. Wonder why they can’t work on the animation sequence to land on these maps!
    It’s what has put me off the game. For all the work done for this game, this is left as reminder of how bad and repetitive it can be.

    • I also find Warframe to be very repetitive, but not because of the animation, but because overall you’re just grinding dungeons for items and warframes, the game doesn’t seem to have any clear goal set and it’s up to you to set yours and with what the game offers me, I can’t really set myself a goal so no reason to play it.

      I tried playing it for the story, but I realized that in order to unlock portions of the story, you are forced to complete some quests that involve heavy grinding, something I don’t want to waste my time on.

      • Same here. Plus the updates did nothing but favor Zerg and aoe. At launch, snipping undercover and tactical grouping was peaking. They either shopped it up to be a class based tactical shooter where meme, sniper, assaults would be needed to cooperate, or they go more Zerg based… They chose later.
        The stories are good but as you said, stacked behind grind walls.
        Instead of new lands that ended up flopping, they should have just pumped game up with more events ful lore.


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