Following the recent Octavia’s Anthem update for Warframe, developer Digital Extremes announced that the game hit a new record peak concurrent player count on Steam. This past weekend, 69,526 players were all in game checking out the new update together.

The new record is a nice birthday gift for the Warframe team, as the weekend was also the game’s 4th anniversary and its 20th major update. This latest update features the Octavia Warframe — a unique Warframe with musical abilities.

Those who haven’t played the game yet, or haven’t had a chance to check out the new Warframe can do so either via Steam or the game’s official site.

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  1. I be honest most of the Community has left MMO games early in the year. I don’t think it is going to recover at all. The Players have no respect for no one no more plus they like to Hack, Scam and so on many other crappy stuff that make people rethink of playing online games. ( it is dead)
    The Developer getting greedy just like the publisher Company who do nothing but milk what left of those Community until it goes boom (Dead). It just became very sad nowadays. Old Game and New games are really suffering big time with the player base support.
    (I hope you guys plan to stay away from MMORPG online because it is going to get much more worse than you ever Dream in bed. ( Developer, Community, Publisher)

    • what? not defending mmos, but Warframe in particular and in my honest opinion is one of few that are doig great and at least trying to be not a ripped-off-money-milking-game.

      • I have to agree on that i have 1700 hours and counting in this game and i have all most everything without spending any real money. am at 99% of the game, could have been a 100% but am to lazy to lvl my archwings.


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