With a proverbial kick, Warframe has opened the vent grate and pushed itself through the tight spaceship crawlspace that is closed beta and into the vast landscape of open beta. To celebrate Digital Extremes has released a new open beta trailer which is a mix of one part Kill Bill, one part Matrix, and two parts cyber ninja. What’s cool is that the trailer isn’t too far off from how the actual game plays. A little bit of extra fancy footwork sure, but the core games features many of the outlandishly awesome aspects the trailer possessed.

Coinciding with open beta, Warframe received its largest feature update yet. The update includes a new open environment snow planet for players to traverse. The move to an open world was a much requested feature from players who were tired of traversing the game’s limited ship corridor environments. In addition, 2 new Warframes with poison and sonic powers were introduced along with a Sentinel pet system, and a new Global Chat Feature. The Mod system also received a re-vamp, adding extra depth to a player’s Warframe customization.

If you want to give Warframe a go you can do so by visiting the site here.

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  1. If any body needs help in warframe or any thing in warframe just tell.me if you need an ashe or rhino or any other warframe i could help you.

  2. I’ve been having a blast doing CO-OP with some friends, but I am pretty certain we’ll get bored of it soon as the cenarios are pretty repetitive even tough the maps are randomly generated.

  3. I have to say it only looks interesting to me at the very beginning. I feel so bored now. You guys should play Age of Wushu with me, a real sandbox game.

    • i dont wanna bust yo buble here but snail games having age of wushu is like pwe havin raiderz snail games doesnt care about their community(or didnt when i tried to post my problem last year december 24th)the game is good but the company behind it is like no ty and i gave it a chance if though snail games is worse than pwe in the “greedy company” department as far as age of wushu goes but when i had a problem and couldnt start the game and a chinese error poped out on me each time i tried to start age of wushu and posted it in forums i didnt get any kinda of reply from snail games or the players whatsoever sorry if i make the game look bad but this is what i experienced at christmas 😛

  4. Great game. Ive played the crap outta this game. Tried all the weapons and 4 warframes. I will say im at the point i want some kind of pvp but if they keep adding content as they do i’m happy. Give it a go

  5. Ok first off, never listen to comments, always play to make your own opinion, you never know how a game plays unless you play it yourself, all different points of view, and personal likes and dislikes.
    Secondly, this game is extremely fun, a lot of people complain about how lame or slow the melee is, but the fact of the matter is, Melee is really extensive, lets say you are running, you can press left ctrl and slide, then press E for melee and you will do a power melee, and a new animation, jump and melee wall run and melee , etc like its really awesome, and at times more powerful then your weapons, or there are some mobs in which your weapons are more powerful then melee, you actually have to think about it. For first time users, do not use Loki, he is really hard to use, just think of Loki as a Jedi, he manipulates the battle field, uses hologram type distractions, or uses invisibility, also stuff like disarming, and switching you and the enemys places(really confuses the hell out of them).
    Anyways, the game is fun, as fun as a dungeon runner gets(yes this should be categorized as a Dungeon runner). Remember it is still beta, so things will be added, and fixed.

    • then you should probably keep going the mission level changes after about 2-3 missions and then you can get awesome stuff its really cool if you play a little longer.

  6. Good game i quit cause i went loki and i couldnt solo anything at all also the fact that i need people whom i trust to play with or otherwise i wont complete a mission like ever kinda dissapointed me and then there were the crashes but it was cb so i quess it was ok.Anyways this game is good but my advice is dont play this unless u got a friend joining with u or u will maybe have a hard time in missions.Personally i will wait till this game adds some kind of a pvp system.Also correct me if i am wrong but the trailer(in the end at least)shows 4 warframes and if i remember correctly(i might be wrong on this one)the game at start at least had 3 warframes and the article at the top said they added 2 new ones?doesnt that make it 5 warframes?why does it show only 4?

    • There are 12 warframes now, maybe those 4 warframes what they wanted to put on the trailer.. I got level 30 volt and level 20 rhino, I often soloed all the missions and I die sometimes but that didnt made me quit. The game is only hard in the start but when you have good mods and weapons you can enjoy the game even if you solo it. If you plan to play again just add me Saizo, so we can team up.

      • well when i tried it,it had 3 one of em being loki dont precicly remember the other 2 but u went through a tutorial and then u chose your warframe and u had 3 warframes to choose from i had a really hard time couldnt even complete mission i found a team finally and then my game crashed and when i reloged(as it would be logical)the people were gone so i just left thanks for offering but i already found my game being Scarlet Blade i am almost 29 so i’ll stay to it for now again thanks for your offer but i’ll pass

        • You don’t actually need friends to play. while solo is hard it is easier to play with random people and I can do all the missions with random people. You may think that it is bad because you just played at the start of the CB. The game has improved a lot and I reccomend you give it a second try. Maybe not now but when it is released.

          • Well alright then i’ll download it via steam i guess and i’ll give it a second try it would be a shame if i wouldnt anyways 2 people tryin to convince me to give it a 2nd chance how can i decline? 😛

  7. Surprise how the trailer are actually ingame footages. It’s actually the entire real gameplay with only minor editing. A job well done for the graphic.

  8. Game is really boring, repetitive missions, enemy can use covers you cant, using mele is unsatisfying uses same 4 animation attacks its better to use pistol then sword you will kill enemy faster and wont need to bother about stupid camera jumping when using sword, i did waited this game at some point ,but only because i was thinking that it will have some kind of pvp, but it only have 4 players PVE missions or you can go solo, who liked L4D maybe will like this.


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