Earlier this evening, Digital Extremes launched its Deimos: Arcana update for Warframe on PC, pleasing fans for the sudden launch but mildly annoying press people who felt compelled to write about the update while they were enjoying dinner. It’s OK, I’m done now.

Deimos: Arcana adds the Bonewidow, a heavily shielded Necramech that can “impale and hurl enemies from the battlefield” or just use a “Morgha” rocket launcher to blow them away. If you’re happy with your current Warframe, you can earn a boundy of new weapons, such as the Bubonico, which can “rain down a triple volley of explosive disease bladders from a distance.” Please, I just finished eating.

There are three new Isolation Vault bounties to explore deep under the Entrati Vault ruins. If you want something a little more relaxing, you can go fishing and try to catch the new parasitic Flagellocanth or three-tailed Lobotriscid, or just aid in the conservation efforts on Deimos, where “the amphibiously freakish Undazoa, and thwomp-like Nexifera” are waiting to be captured.

Get all the details for Deimos: Arcana on the Warframe site.


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