Warframe players on Switch can now reach for the stars in the Empyrean update, which went live on the Nintendo console earlier today. Empyrean offers four-player, ship-based battles aboard your Railjack spaceship, as well as having to fend off boarding parties in the corridors.

Empyrean launched for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in December during the Video Game Awards. As a bonus to patient Switch fans, they’ll be receiving a 7-Day Credit booster to help get up to date with building their Railjacks.

Last last week, Digital Extremes also released the first Warframe patch of 2020, balancing the armor and health of enemy fighters while increasing Battle Avionics and Asterite drops. There’s also a new UI element to help you keep track of what your crewmates are doing, so you can call out that one guy who’s sitting on the can when he’s supposed to be fighting off invaders. Then again, do cyborg ninjas even poop?

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