Now, console players can get in on the Grineer Ghoul-hunting action. A little over a month after the Ghoul Purge Bounties hit Warframe on PC, they’re now arriving on both PlayStation 4 an Xbox One.

These ghouls, consisting of the buzzsaw-wielding Rictus Ghoul, the Auger Ghoul armed with flame-throwing drills, the Devourer Ghoul, and the Expired Ghoul wearing bomb-spiked gloves. In order to take on these ghouls, players will need some fancy new weapons, and the update also adds four new ones. These include a double-barreled shotgun, a steel-bladed, fan-like weapon, a four-barreled rifle, and an automatic submachine gun.

The update also includes new features like dynamic weather, personal quarter decorations, and more. More information on the update can be found on the Warframe site.

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