Warframe's Latest Updates Arrives On Consoles

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If ever there was a downside to games being on multiple platforms, it's that some of those platforms kinda get left out in the cold when it comes to updates. When a new update launches, it hits one or two, and the others are left to wait.

There is good news, though. Eventually the updates DO arrive, as is the case with Warframe's latest set of updates hitting consoles. Today, both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players have access to the Pyrus Project event, new Tennogen bundles, and the Nezha Empyrean collection.

Effectively, this set of updates is more about skins than anything else. Story-wise, there is the Pyrus Project. During this event players will assist Steel Meridan in rebuilding the Strata Relay on Earth. To help, all players need to do is complete a series of tasks. Instructions on how to start will be available in players' mailboxes when they log in.

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