Wargaming is halting one game while adding another. Edge Case Games, makers of sci-fi MOBA Fractured Space, have been picked up by the World of Tanks creator, with plans to occupy the office space recently acquired in Edge Case’s home of Guildford, UK and work on a new MMO.

GamesIndustry is reporting that the two companies “have been looking for a way to partner for years” and that the move will result in a new MMO that “won’t be too dissimilar to previous releases” from Wargaming. There were 32 people on the Edge Case team, which will bump the Wargaming UK head count up to 55.

As for Fractured Space, the game ceased development in October, but Edge Case was going to keep the game online for the foreseeable future. The announcement didn’t say anything about changes to that plan, but at least this should ensure that the game remains online for a good long while.

So, let’s speculate a little! Wargaming + Edge Case = what? World of Spaceships? Dreadnought tried that, to middling results. Or could they go a little off-brand and finally create Wargaming’s first infantry-based shooter-type game? Let us know what you think!


  1. A different studio under WG is already making an infantry-based game (Caliber). As far as I know it hasn’t been announced in the West yet and it isn’t doing too well. Developers had to chang some core features because of pressure from WG and every single change looks like a bad decision. Or more precisely every single change looks like an attempt to make another world of tanks – the very thing that killed all of their recent projects except for one.

    • Oh yeah, I’d forgotten about Caliber. Which sounds like maybe it’s for the best šŸ˜›

      Still, maybe that’s a reason to buy up another studio to make another shooter game, maybe something with a sci-fi bent?

      • Who knows. I hope that whatever they are going to make will be good, but it’s difficult for me to be too optimistic after seeing so many failures from WG recently. I just wish they stopped copying WoT again and again, one WoT is more than enough.

        As for Caliber, it may yet turn out to be decent despite everything. It has a couple of features that could be interesting and they did eventually scrap some of the more ridiculous things forced upon them (progression through lootboxes, no first-person view).


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