Wargaming is no stranger to the “WW2 movie tie-in” business. A couple of years ago, it was tank movie Fury and this year it’s Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk that’s caught the developer’s eye. But unlike most of its tie-ins (like the ones for anime warships), this one will spawn events across all three of Wargaming’s WW2-inspired combat games.

The “Remember Dunkirk” events will start up on July 14 for World of Tanks and World of Warplanes. Commanders and pilots will be able to earn “Remember Dunkirk”-themed vehicles and gain XP redeemable for in-game gear, including special camouflage. World of Warships following suit “in the coming weeks,” with captains having a shot at Dunkirk-themed containers, flags, and a ship commander.

Wargaming’s got a landing page set up for the promotion, as well as a more detailed page talking about the various rewards. Some early previews are already live, like the ones for World of Warships and the PC version of World of Tanks. The Dunkirk movie itself hits theaters on July 21.

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