We’re Taking Bets As To Whether War Thunder’s April Fools’ Joke Will End Up Being A Real Game Mode In The End

After all, Cuisine Royale did.

QuintLyn Bowers
By QuintLyn Bowers, News Editor Posted:

Mad Thunder

Okay. Who asked for a little post-apocalyptic mayhem Mad Max style in their War Thunder? Because that’s what you’re getting. At least for a little bit. As with every year, War Thunder is celebrating April Fools' Day with a limited game mode. You may be familiar with a similar event that involved kitchen utensils. That one broke out of containment to become its own game, CRSED: FOAD.

This time, players are getting some Mad Max action with the Mad Thunder event. Available as a “beta test”, the strategy game's mode kicked off today and will be around until April 22. Mad Thunder has no “tech trees” related to countries or high-tech armies. It’s the apocalypse. Gather whatever junk you can and build your own vehicles. Put together a gang and raid other gangs to take their resources, but get it all done before a storm takes everyone out.

Whatever you do, give Mad Thunder a go. If you like it well enough, it could end up getting a life of its own.

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treadhead 1 week ago
Cuisine Royale was both an april fools joke and a test of Enlisted mechanics before Enlisted was released. "CRSED: FOAD" was a rebranding of Cuisine Royale. It was not a War Thunder event.
As for this event it most likely won't become its own game as Crossout is already published by Gaijin

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