While There's Still No Word From NCSoft Or Amazon, Analysts Are Treating A Throne & Liberty Delay As A Fact

We could be looking at Q3 now if analysts adjusting earnings forecasts are to be trusted.

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Throne and Liberty

Back in February we reported that some Korean analysts thought NCSoft could be thinking about delaying their launch of the upcoming MMORPG Throne & Liberty to get the game away from the launch of Blizzard's Diablo 4.

Throne & Liberty is no doubt one of the more anticipated titles of 2023 for MMO fans. While we still don't know a ton about the game, we do know that they are aiming for a global release on PC and console, and Amazon Games will take on publishing duties here in the west.

NCSoft themselves haven't given an EXACT release date for the game, but they have hinted in the past at a "first half of 2023" window after having previously been "expected" by the end of 2022.

Looks like that delay analysts expected could be a reality... well, if the analysts are to be believed.

To be clear, neither NCSoft nor Amazon have said a word about the release being delayed because of Diablo or otherwise. However, according to Business Korea, the delay is already being treated as a fact by analysts.

Speaking about sales and revenue projections for the remainder of the year, Jaemin Ahn, an analyst of NH Investment & Securities, cites Throne & Liberty's delay as the primary driver for revising earning estimates.

"As the launch schedule for Throne and Liberty (TL) has been delayed from June to 3Q23, we relocate our related earnings estimates by about one quarter and reduce our overall earnings forecasts for 2023," writes Ahn, "...Thus, despite the delay in the release schedule for TL to 3Q23, our expectations are still upbeat towards the game’s market prospects."

Again, we'll have to wait for some type of official word from NCSoft or Amazon Games, but Q3 could be the new window to wait for if you're eager to check out the new title.

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mouhsine 1 year ago
well i don't mind a delay at least i could no life diablo 4 for a month or two...then buy T&L when launched(yeah i would like the game to be a one time buy to play also)


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