It’s finally time to explore your dark side, Guardians. Destiny 2: Beyond Light is now live, bringing with it the new set of Stasis powers for all Guardians, as well as Jupiter’s moon of Europa to explore, a new story, a new season, and all the usual new loot and other fun and dangerous things to explore.

Stasis powers come from the Exo Stranger on Europa, who beseeches you to learn its secrets before Eramis, the Kell of Darkness, bestows it on her Fallen forces. Whether you’re a Shadebinder (Warlock), Behemoth (Titan), or Revenant (Hunter), you’ll use ice-based powers to slow, freeze, impale, or shatter foes. On Europa, you’ll use your newfound powers to challenge Eramis and her minions, who seek revenge on the Traveler for abandoning them.

Beyond Light offers new enemies, new instances, and a new raid to conquer. As rewards for their efforts, Guardians will have access to new exotic gear, which they’ll receive as part of the new changes to the game’s progression.

There are also some important subtractions for Destiny 2 with Beyond Light’s launch. A good chunk of older content is being shuttered away in the Vault, including the early campaigns and many of the planets they’re based on. There will be a new new player experience in Beyond Light to make up for it, and some of the content might return at a later date, but it still makes for a lot less for free-to-play Guardians to enjoy.

If you’re buying the expansion (and there are several editions to choose from), then that’s not going to be much of a concern. So take off for Europa and dive into the new content, Guardians! Just make sure to wear a warm coat …

You can view the patch notes for today’s update here. Also, keep an eye on this Twitter thread from Bungie Help about some issues with progression using the Season Pass.

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