WildStar Magic Fun Stuff Dye

If you’re a paying customer of WildStar, you’re in luck. Well, not “luck,” really, because when you pay money you expect to get something in return. But saying “you’re in for services rendered for your timely payment” just doesn’t have that same ring to it.

Anyway … today, Carbine Studios revealed a new set of rewards for Signature (subscription) members of WildStar. In March and April, you’ll get the Dream Fawngrazer pet and Magic Fun Stuff dye, and when the Primal Matrix system goes live, you’ll get a 50% bonus in essence drop rates.

If you’re thinking way ahead, then you can receive firework mount flair during June’s Starfall anniversary event. All you have to do is be a Signature member for 90 days from Jan. 1 to June 1. You don’t have to be continuously subscribed, but if you aren’t you’ll miss out on some of the swell services rendered.

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  1. The only reason its dying is not enough quality PvE content . I last played like 4-5 months ago and if i log in now , its still the same game except for 1 new raid and some other minor stuff ..

  2. ‘We are running out of money on this failure of a game’ ~ ‘Lets give more of an incentive to subscribers so people will sub’ ~ Sorry WildShit, your games done, just close the servers and end it already.

    • Every word you said is true. Why keep pouring money into a failed project this is just sad. They would be better off scrapping it at this point and admitting it’s dead. I know other failed projects similar to wildstar that are failures who still keep pouring money into their games like wildstar and trying to give their VIP/subscribers an incentive to buy membership/VIP or to buy micro currency. It’s just sad these devs don’t admit their games a failure and close up shop and pour their money into their other successful games until they can come up with a new game concept that might work.

    • Yeah if they are giving stuff to subscribers at least give some stuff to everyone also it’s only fair. If they only give stuff to the subscribers and ignore the free players then no wonder why Wildstar is dying.


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