WildStar Boost

WildStar is getting ready to boldly go where nearly every MMO has gone before. When the next update launches, you’ll be able to purchase the Hero Hyper Jump, which will boost a single character to the game’s max level of 50. At this point, MMOs that don’t offer some kind of way to skip 90% of their content through a max-level boost are becoming the exception, and not the norm.

There’s no price mentioned for the Hyper Hero Jump, but it’ll come with a full set of gear and consumables, a race-specific mount, spending cash, a set of Path rewards, Elder Gems, housing access, and more. You can use the boost to help gather troops to take down Redmoon Terror in August, billed as “the most expansive raiding experience ever created by humans,” which clearly doesn’t count the last Final Fantasy XIV raid, which was crafted by aliens and one very overworked moogle.

Are you planning to purchase the Hyper Hero Jump for WildStar? And if so, will it be used on your main character, to let you see what endgame is like, or are you already experienced with the game and want to give things a go on an alt?

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  1. Well I’m 100% sure this game will never be played by me it ruins the gameplay to offer max level boosts. Games who do this are just ruining the leveling experience and just making it easier for new players to max out their characters instantly. What ever happened to making new players work to level up through each level? Now publishers are babying the new generation of gamers by offering max level boosts for irl money. MMOs nowadays make me sick and I’m probably gonna quit playing most MMOs if publishers are gonna do stuff like this.

  2. Like i said this piece of shit dies soon. Stop beat a dead horse going F2P = Game is shit and gonna die soon lets get the last drop of money out of it before we gonna shut it down. Wait 3 Months you will see. Game is shit anyway noone cares.

  3. Max level boost? what is going with the developer? That just make people more disappointed then ever playing wildstar. I see more RPG going that easy route nowadays.

  4. grinding is so boring . i quit wildstar because my grind bot required to much attention to stop it glitching out .
    good choice offering skip to the fun stuff .
    end game is the future and the grind is a dead horse sick of being flogged.

    • That’s where you have it all wrong. I can go on about about how today’s “gamers” aren’t really gamers at all and how older 10+ years games require more effort, critical thinking and just using your head in general, but were so much more rewarding and now people just want to click PLAY and instantly win, but I don’t have the patience to go into details again and again… Your loss for incorporating this empty perspective.

  5. Pay to not play 90% of the game? What a deal! What will these madmen come up with next, not play 100% of the game for free?


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