The Halloween season has come to Wizard101, as the family-friendly free-to-play wizarding game is running its “Spooktacular Halloween Celebration.” Wizards can take part in the Halloween Costume & Decorating Contest, dressing up your wizard — or pirate, if you’re into Pirate101 instead — and sprucing up your digs for the chance to win Crowns and mounts.

Quests include a visit to the Haunted Cave to check on some spooky vegetables — hey, maybe you shouldn’t have planted them in the Haunted Cave — which culminates in a battle against the fearsome Nosferabbit. Defeat it to earn a Frankenbunny pet.

Jack Hallow is also “dying to have some fun,” with a series of quests for free players to enjoy, though the quest line can only be completed by members. In fact, three of the five entries on the event’s web page are about buying things in the game’s cash shop (as is the entirely of the Pirate101 page, apart from the contest), so it looks like orange and black are less significant colors in the Spiral than gold.


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