About the game:
Title: Pirate101
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Developer: Kingslsle Entertainment
Publisher: Kingslsle Entertainment

Pirate101 is a 3D Pirate MMORPG where players must embark on a journey to become a renowned pirate. Players will be able to choose from 5 unique pirate themed classes each with their own unique starter companion and abilities.

In Pirate101 players can expect to explore various realms on a customizable pirate ship while fighting other ships in the process. If a player chooses they can board the enemies ship in order to plunder its goods.

Pirate101 is aimed at younger audiences. Parents will find options to control and monitor their child’s activities within the game. Still, Pirate101 does offer refreshing humor for players of all ages with a high amount of attention put towards eye catching animations and voice acting.

Pirate101 like other KingsIsle Entertainment MMOs, offers the first chapter of the MMO for free. Players can feel free to explore and visit all the content within the first world without limit. However players looking for more content will need to either purchase additional worlds or sign up for a membership.

Explosive Features:

  • Stylish Animations
  • Player owned Pirate Ships
  • Interesting turn-based combat

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System Requirements

Pirate101 System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP SPack 3, Vista, 7, or 8
Processor: P4~1GHz+
Memory Ram: 512MB
Hard Disk Space: At least 1GB of free Space
Video Card: GeForce 2 or the Equivalent

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  1. The game is rather good, but the on-line help is severely lacking. I have to search the internet to find information. As a Wizard101 player, this is the most difficult adjustment. Wizard101 has tutorials (which can be skipped) and a really great Icon list in the Help pages (I still haven’t figured out what the purple, angular, swirly icon means. Other than that, it would be a great game even though the fights take a while to finish.

  2. I am an adult and I played this game up to the point which it said I needed to pay to go any further. Lasted about 2 or 3 hours. Since the game is advertised as free to play, I immediately lost interest and uninstalled.

    While I played, the game was fairly fun with a turn-based, strategy type game play where, when you get into a fight, your a put on a board with enemies and squares where you choose to move and attack, taking turns till either all of you and your companions die, or all the mobs are killed. VERY TIME CONSUMING! Each fight takes at least 5 minutes, if not 15 minutes so it was very slow leveling up. If you are willing to pay if you like it, go for it. If you are looking for a truly free to play game, keep looking!

  3. this game is just like w101 but i paid for w 101 then i heared about this game i thought that it wont be like wizard but it is kingisle thinks that iam going to pay for both of thier games it is fun but it would be better if it is totally free

  4. From what some of these comments have said, it reminds me of Pirates of the Carribean when it first came out. Not game style but by the whole membership thing.

  5. I bought the Beta package so i’m good for the rest of the game unless i buy junk in the crowns shop lol but its a great game i love it. I also love it way better than wizard101 because its newer and different combat style and just new so i got to be a beta lol that’s why its better than Wizard101 XD

  6. Game is great!!!! Thanks you Kingisle!!!!!! But has a lot of glitches. One time when I was trying to teleport to one of my friends, I got stuck in the wall. Kingisle will make updates to fix the game a lot.

  7. Again, Pirate101 is basically the same as Wizard101 – great graphics, fun style of play, unique combat, but it gets frustrating once you get to level 9. That’s when you have to get a membership or pay to keep playing, and that’s the opposite of what I wanted to do. In the end, I lived both games a lot, but I really don’t like the fact that it’s basically 10% free, 90% pay to play. >_<

  8. Looks nice, but still, it’s going to be the same as Wizard101, 10% of the game is free, 90% of the game is members only. Pay to Win basically.


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