World of Tanks is poised to release one of the most if not THE most significant update yet. Update 8.0 is slated to bring a host of new features including for the first timer ever, realistic tank movement physics, as well as new game rendering improvements. The enhanced renderer will bring a lot of updates but in a nutshell, your tanks will be able to play around in the water with lifelike splash and water wave effects!

But if tanks playing in the water like babies in a wading pool isn’t enough to tickle your fancy there are other content additions included as well. The update will also include emblem and inscription customization, adaptive camouflage (for those of us who like to use Predator technology on our tanks), mini-map functions, and an enhanced tech tree interface. Of course what is a World of Tanks update without the inclusion of more tanks, so you can expect a variety of new tanks added to the roster.

No word yet on the release date, but with update 7.5 releasing just last week, don’t expect to be riding the waves with your tanks soon.

You can watch a cinematic trailer rendition of the new update above, complete with tanks crashing into tanks to show of the added physics and a narrator who seems like he wandered off the set of some important documentary he was narrating…

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  1. A bit of graphics update but still no multi core support 🙂

    The graphics look ok, I would not call them good or great since they are mostly outdated for this age, still it looks more like 2009-2010 and less like 2006-2007 as the current wot game’s graphics are.

    Now imagine how many people will have problems with the lack of multi-core, how many people bought quad core cpu’s just to see that the game can use only 1 of those 4 cores.

    It’s the ultimate ” I can not give a flying f about my customers” policy of WG, 2012 and World Of Tanks can use only 1 core. I mean sure if this was 2007 we would have given them a break, but in the age where mostly all games are designed to be run on multi-core processors, WG decides they want to make a game on a seriously outdated engine with many problems and something that will never ever support people who spent their hard earned money on dual or more core cpu’s.

  2. Can’t wait for physics to come. Gonna be so much fun watching those heavy SPGs dragging light tanks around as they get flanked xD

    • Just a tip: Don’t take it as a regular FPS/TPS. Game changes pace and features quite quickly as you go up in tiers. If you don’t like reading stats from stuff (not only your guns and modules, but also from those of the tanks you usually face) be prepared to get angry.

      Learning to shoot, and survive, in WoT greatly differs from regular FPS/TPS games. That’s what makes it so enticing and fun =)


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