World Of Warcraft The War Within Release Window Shown Off AS Retail And Classic Get Roadmaps

There’s still some Dragonflight wrap-up to take care of first.

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World Of Warcraft The War Within Launch Window

With the end of the year just twelve days away (Seriously, what happened to 2023?) World of Warcraft Executive Producer Holly Longdale decided to share some details as to what players can expect in the coming year in both modern WoW and World of Warcraft Classic. Of course, the post offers a look back at what’s been achieved in the past year, but we all know what players really care about. What’s next for the MMORPG?

While there’s still some Dragonflight stuff to wrap up, the WoW team is definitely looking ahead to when The War Within will launch, so here’s what we know. Dragonflight will still roll out over the first half of the year. Part of this will be Season 4, which will revisit dungeons and raids, update rewards, and add some other stuff for players to look forward to. In the Spring/Summer, the WoW team will begin alpha and beta testing on The War Within. This is also around when The War Within pre-patch will arrive.

As for the expansion launch, according to the roadmap, players can expect it sometime in the Summer/Autumn of 2024. At this point, it’s probably worth assuming it will be closer to the latter. When it drops, it will introduce new campaign story content, new delves, hero talents, an Earthen Allied Race, four new zones, eight dungeons, a new raid, and a new PvP season. That will be followed by a content update sometime in the Autumn that includes more story and quests, system updates, and the 20th Anniversary event.



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