Wargaming wants you to “Czech” out a quintet of new vehicles that have just arrived in World of Tanks Blitz. Five new Czechoslovakian tanks have arrived on the scene as part of Update 7.7, which also improved the gameplay experience for new players and the listening experience for everyone.

The five Czech tanks are medium tanks that range from Tier VI to X. At the top of the branch is the TVP T 50/51, which features a four-shell magazine-based gun that can pump out over 1,200 damage. Keeping with the Czechoslovakian theme, Fried Cheese and Goulash are two new consumables for your crew members. On a private note, my mother used to make goulash (or at least the American kind) when I was a child, and the one time I tried it, it made me throw up. Now you know.

Update 7.7 also adds a Steel Raid mission as part of the tutorial for new commanders, rewarding them with a premium Tier IV American T6E1. Wargaming is also taking the first steps in improving the game’s sound, with the introduction of a new sound engine on some devices. The eventual goal will be to replace all the old sound files in the game, so that the game’s sound will “become richer, and national voiceovers and much more will be introduced.”

Not yet in the game, but still counted as part of Update 7.7, is a new operation Colosseum that will put tankers “in an unusual Gladiators setting” as they complete missions for unique tank, camo and profile backgrounds. That arrives March 1; for everything else regarding today’s update, check out the WoT Blitz site.

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