Last week, we learned about World of Warships‘ plans to honor the 75th anniversary of the victory of the Allied forces in World War II in Europe — also known as V-E Day. Today it’s World of Tanks‘ turn to claim the spotlight, announcing a two-week event that brings a new PvE mode to the game meant to mimic the march of the Allies to Berlin.

The new mode is fittingly called “Road to Berlin” and requires players to choose a nation — Soviet, American, or British — and complete five missions during each battle. These objectives can include such tasks as capturing or holding special zones or defeating enemy commanders. The battles will take place on four maps, with the final one, representing Berlin itself, only becoming available on May 8, the date the cease-fire became official.

The ultimate prize for excelling at the event is the Tier VII Premium Soviet heavy tank IS-2. For more information on the Road to Berlin event, which runs until May 17, check out the World of Tanks site.

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