A tank is a tank, but a shinier tank rendered on a newer console is better, right?

Wargaming announced today that World of Tanks would be rolling onto the Xbox One soon. Tankers on the XB1 will be able to continue their progress from their Xbox 360 via their Xbox Live accounts and will share the battlefield with their 360 counterparts.

Best of all, like on the 360, World of Tanks on the Xbox One will be free with an Xbox Live Gold subscription. Well, that’s kinda good news… paying for the Gold subscription is still a bit of a sticking point, so I guess Wargaming CEO Victor Kislyi still has some educating to do.


  1. I guess this is the new graveyard when games die. Consoles. Eh at least its WoT. That game sucks and is way over hyped with crappy easy mode damage system for stupid people. War Thunder > WoT

    • If you are a WarThunder fan then what is the point of taking the time to sit here and bash this game for expanding its market. Personally I dont like the game that much either but what you are doing helps no one.


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