Add World of Tanks to the list of games that are adopting a battle pass. The progression for the pass consists of two parts: Main, which runs for 45 levels, and Elite, which goes all the way up to 100. You’ll earn levels by participating in random battles with tanks Tier VI and above, with a limit on the number of points you can earn for each individual tank.

Rewards for the pass include credits, blueprints, premium time, crew XP bonuses, and more. Once you hit rank 45, you’ll be able to choose one of two unique commanders and a special 3-D style for one of the two special vehicles, the Object 277 or Super Conqueror, which you can earn by collecting blueprint fragments you’ll acquire as you level up your rank. There are two tiers of rewards, one of which can be earned for free and a second that you can purchase for 6,500 Gold.

The first battle pass for World of Tanks — Wargaming says there will be more — runs from tomorrow, March 12, until June 9. Learn more about it on the World of Tanks site.

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