Why put one main gun on your tank when you could have two? That’s obviously the thinking behind the new set of questionably realistic vehicles coming to World of Tanks in its first update of 2020, which will include three Soviet tanks sporting double-barrel action.

“No such project has ever been brought to life,” said Wargaming Publishing Director Max Chuvalov. That was due to both the complexity of their design and their high manufacturing cost, making it simpler and more cost effective to make “normal” single-gun tanks. The dev team is under no such constraints, adding double-gun Tier VIII, IX, and X behemoths to the game in the upcoming Update 1.7.1. Each can fire their guns consecutively or in a single salvo, which requires “some time to prepare.”

Update 1.7.1 also adds the Demount Kit to the game, which lets players demount equipment without any gold cost, as well as new 3D art styles. Learn more about everything coming in this update on the World of Tanks site.

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    • Firstly, they already have a lot of tanks which existed only on paper and as prototypes. Secondly when they added french light tanks with wheels which can get around 100km/h, 60mp/h and can make tight turns in seconds with no sliding,inertia it already (for me) said goodbye to realism.


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