Last weekend’s World of Tanks PlayStation 4 beta must have gone pretty well, because Wargaming is blitzing ahead with the full PS4 launch next week.

The date to circle is Jan. 19, and there will be a special bonus waiting for PlayStation Plus members: the German Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf. J-PS premium tank, with “pin-up girl” livery and darkened camouflage. PS Plus members will also have occasional access to various special offers. If you played in the beta, your progress will be carried over, so you don’t need to start over. To help celebrate the occasion, Wargaming is giving away a World of Tanks-themed PS4 bundle and tickets to PAX East 2016, which you can enter to win here.

You can find the full announcement here. Are you looking to get into World of Tanks on the PlayStation 4?



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