Not that there was any doubt about it, but Wargaming made it official today, launching World of Tanks console version on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X. The game offers full backwards compatibility with previous consoles, so you can continue your progress on the new systems. You can learn more about the World of Tanks console versions on its dedicated site.

This is the point where we’d normally fluff up a short article like this one, but the press release announcing the news was basically four paragraphs of “World of Tanks is an awesome game,” and you don’t need to read that. That said, we did receive another press release from Wargaming today, showcasing its ASMR study video that utilizes the World of Warships soundtrack. You can check it out below or on YouTube. It’s surprisingly soothing for music from a game about blowing things up.


  1. World of Tanks WAS a awesome game but not anymore and trying to hard to be War Thunder also they have not released it for the PS5 I can play the PS4 Version on a PS5 though it says some of the features that are on PS4 may not be present.

    Why would I want to play a PS4 game on my PS5? Especially one that has not even bothered making the change up?? War Thunder has


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