Warships Bismarck

The hunt for the German battleship Bismarck is one of the most famous episodes in World War II history. Wargaming has been working with Extra Credits to produce videos based on that drama, and there’s now a multi-tiered event active in World of Warships with lots of loot up for grabs — including the Bismarck herself.

The Hunt for Bismarck event runs until June 7 and is divided into seven missions, each with a series of tasks that award pins. Earn enough pins and you’ll be able to attempt the final task in each mission. Once that’s done, you can move on to the next mission. Completing a task awards you with a special loot chest exclusive to this campaign. The loot boxes contain signal flags and a new type of item, collectibles. The reward for the final mission is the Bismarck, a Tier VIII German battleship.

Of course, there’s a financial reason for Wargaming to offer this campaign, beyond just hoping you’ll play and spend more in the cash shop. Several missions can be more easily completed with the premium British battleship HMS Hood, which is only available in a package that will set you back a cool $100. Additional packages will be available in later weeks for reduced prices. The real Hood cost 6 million pounds (equivalent to 217 million pounds or $283 million today) to build, so, hey, it’s a bargain!

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