A few members of the new line of French battleships were available in World of Warships over the past few weeks. Now, the full complement of baguette bruisers is live, with ships ranging from tiers III to X, along with a new operation, campaign, upgraded effects, and map changes.

The focal point of Update 0.7.2 — remember, Warships is still in beta! — is the French battleships. The later tiers feature impressive firepower, with turrets housing four big guns apiece, and at tier VIII and up, they have the engine boost consumable, for that extra burst of speed.

The new PvE operation, Hermes, tasks players with defending an allied convoy against German patrols and aircraft, and — for storyline purposes — is only available to Allied ships of specific tiers. There’s also a new campaign, The Gold of France, which is available for four weeks and offers unique camouflages.

You can read all about the new updates and additions in 0.7.2 on the World of Warships site.

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