Worlds Collide In Honkai Impact 3rd's Next Crossover With Genshin Impact

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Crossovers are a big thing in games these days, and often involve making a lot of deals with other companies to get it done. But, what if you're a company that has two popular games with popular characters? It'd be foolish to not take advantage of that.

So, on July 9, Honkai Impact 3rd will release v4.9, or the Outworld Traveler update, bringing the world of Genshin Impact to the game. When the update hits, Fischl -- or as she prefers to be called Prinzessin der Verurteilung -- will join the Valkyries as a free SP battlesuit. She'll be the first archer to be added to Honkai and her gameplay will revolve around weakspot aiming, allowing her to generate more damage. She's also joined by her ever-faithful companion Oz who will aid with support abilities.

Also visiting during the crossover event will be Keqing, the Yuheng of the Liyue Qixing. She won't be visiting permanently, but will be part of a crossover story and playable in certain battles.

The crossover event itself, Outworld Quest, brings technology and magic together as part of a collaborative project between two in-game factions Schicksal and Anti-Entropy. During the event players can explore maps and unlock sub-quests and chibi characters. They'll also be able to discover the true identity of Kiana and will earn various rewards for completing specific missions.

On a related note, Honkai Impact 3rd is also partnering with milk tea brand Kungfu Tea in North America. During the partnership, players can order milk tea and earn chances to win real-world prizes like an iPhone 12.

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