Free-to-play World War II collectible card game KARDS has been trucking — or should that be “jeeping”? — along nicely over the past year since its launch, and it’s got an expansion coming on the last day of the month. That expansion is called Legions, and today 1939 Games revealed the major new mechanic that will be added in that set.

Some Polish cards will have the Exile keyword, which will allow them to be used by both their home nation of Poland when included as an ally nation and by their “exile” nation. The game’s developers do have a solid historical basis for including such a mechanic:

When first overrun by Nazi Germany, Poland and their forces didn’t stop the fight – quite the contrary. Many soldiers and intellectual capabilities went into exile, where they fought with a passionate vigor, providing awe-inspiring support to the ally nations in many areas.

KARDS shows off a couple of, uh, cards, from the new expansion in the post describing the new mechanic: the Spitfire Mk V PL that’s native to Britain and the Soviet T-34 76 PL, both of which can be used if your deck has Polish allies.

1939 Games has another keyword reveal planned for next week that “will affect your potential information about the match.” Learn more about KARDS, including its content roadmap for the rest of 2021, on its Steam page.

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