Yoshi-P Celebrates The New Year With A Brief Tease Of The Future Of XIV

No, it’s not a roadmap...not yet.

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Final Fantasy XIV 2022 New Year Letter Yoshi-P

You know the deal. The year just changed and game developers have a tendency to want to share their thoughts and feelings with the people that play their games. It doesn’t mean there are announcements and the like, but it can offer a general feel on how things are and are going to be. In this case, the game is Final Fantasy XIV and the game's Director/Producer Yoshi-P dropped a short note on New Year's Day.

As noted, the letter doesn’t make any big announcements – although it does look hopefully forward to another decade of the game, noting that the first step of the journey will be when Patch 6.1 hits – and that the XIV team will be sharing their plans for the game’s future before that happens. The letter also points out that Yoshi-P hasn’t tired of working on the game and has a lot he wants to do with it – meaning players can expect the man to stick around for a long time.

Of course, Yoshi-P started out the letter with yet another apology for the delay of Endwalker and the server issues we’ve had since and reiterates that the team is still working to fix things. This includes adding data centers and increasing the number of Worlds in “all regions”. It’s a big task, so it’s going to take some time, particularly with the supply issues still being issues.

On an additional note, remember that there will be downtime tonight in preparation for Patch 6.05. This will kick in at 9:00 pm Pacific and is scheduled to last until 2:00 am Pacific, January 4, if everything goes well.

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