Heroes of the Storm has a new mode coming… one they promise will be filled with madness. Titled “Heroes Brawl”, the mode allows players to battle it out on new maps with custom rulesets that “turn everything you thought you knew about the game on its head.”

The mode offers three kinds of battlegrounds: arenas, mutators, and single-lanes. Three new arenas are being added specifically for the mode, each with its own unique weirdness. Mutators adds a lot of (currently undisclosed) modifiers to add even more quirks to the game.

Even the way heroes are chosen is changing in Heroes Brawl mode; either as preset, players selecting from a custom lineup, or pure random. And, of course, there will be rewards.

More details on the Heroes Brawl can be found on the Heroes of the Storm site.

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    • If developers can put in as much effort on the gameplay as they do on the advertisment videos and the trailors like this I’m sure the MMO genre wouldn’t be as bad as it is right now. But I like blizzard but this video I just watched is just bad yeah it’s pretty bad…… I like some of blizzards games since they make awesome games but it doesn’t mean everything they pump out of good and this proves it.


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