On this week’s episode we sample the deluge of MOBA games set to come out this year. From Dungeon Defenders going F2P to the Shooter genre getting its own MOBA modes, there is quite the broad spectrum of MOBAs to choose from. Not all the news is MOBA related though, we also talk about Blizzard’s new upcoming F2P game. What could it be? Find out the answer along with the weekly bombs on this episode of the Free-to-Play Cast!

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Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. I want to give a HUGE DABOMB to Defiance. I know its not F2P but it is a hell of a fun game. I hear its having issues with the Xbox, but on the PC it is really fun!

  2. i am back after long time just saw all episode i missed sorry hear about magicman going away but i have see new cast of Spunkify good luck and always will love the show and age of wushu is pissing of people a lot they will not patch clint even though they have patch and trasaltion is very bad and in game trade currny can be earned only my kiddnaping people vip get 10 more than free to play player it pissed me off but the game is good bcos i was vip there event called script stealing which take place in 2 school there 500 of this it can stolen from other player this stressful event there like 1000 of this for half an hour people start killing you . before this there event called open beta event . so abomb for age of wushu best game doing the worst thing possible
    please read about that event was pure money grabing some guy got the skill book which not due relese still months and forgot to tell you this game is in beta .

  3. Big A-BOMB for SOE !!! After all the love we got with recent updates and double XP and double cash weekend, we are facing multiple server shutdowns at the moment. What’s even worse: they implemented a new alarm system, you get a certain amount of time to achive a certain objective (let’s say conquer a continent in 2 hours) and 20 minutes before the alarm ends and everyone hopes to get a huge chunk of XP, we get a message that the server will shutdown in 15 minutes.

    REALLY SOE?? can’t even do basic math? The forum indicates that other servers are having those issues too and it’s not the first time.

    May your connections be ever so stable!


  4. A BOMB to Valve and DOTA2. Started playing the game around 8 months ago and the problem with FPS drops is still active and no official fix has been “announced” yet, nor has there been any word from the developers in this direction. There is an army of people having the same issue and staying silent doesn’t build up trust. I don’t know about the other “soldiers” but having 20 FPS when i should have 90-120 is game breaking for me.

  5. Just gonna throw this out here,but even if it’s not in english,Cyphers is an excellent MOBA game that changes the way MOBA games are played. I honestly don’t see why they’re not translating it and publishing it in english. It’s way overdue.

  6. How about a game that doesn’t lock you in a room for an hour with 5 people that yell at each other because no one is allowed to use the bathroom? Until the MOBA scene addresses the issue of one-sided snowballing cage matches, the genre will remain a piss bucket.

  7. Pretty much the most innovative MOBA I’ve played so far is Prime World and I don’t think that the formula can get any more innovative than that. What do I mean – there is no gold, only experience or Prime as they call it that can be used to purchase any kind of skills active or passive to a moba type of character that has persistent progression and swap-able pallet of 36 skills separated into 6 tiers, Apart from the tier each of the skills has a rank and can be upgraded by investing other skills that you are granted after each match. The skills are separated into five grades of rarity – common, magic, rare, unique and exclusive. Each hero has nine class skills(active and passive) that are available only to him or her. Apart from the all Skill/Hero system you also have a castle where you can build buildings that affect the stats of your heroes in battle or produce skills, threat hero fatigue, earn silver(currency used to purchase new heroes which is given to you at the end of the match), complete quests and so on. So while it is not quite the answer to the question of the week – my imagination is pretty weak at the moment to get any more innovative to the genre than that and still keep it relatively simple.

  8. hey guys nice show but u didnt cover warframe going open beta, it is da best just like im giving it my da bomb for being awsome i played in closed beta and i loved it but my friends couldent get a key so i didnt play it cuz i hate playing without my buds so now open beta we all joined in and love it so bad its an awsome game seriosly i chose the wrong warframe last time now i chose loki and im loving the game and so many bugs were fixed from closed beta and lots of new stuff in it u should cover that 🙂

  9. @ Montiblanc MOBA means Multiplayer Online Based Action noob not battle arena so it’s not a MOBA idiot .

  10. Abomb to cryptic and the devs of Neverwinter their beta weekend 3 is over and done and no news on open beta or release or anything. They are leaving fans hanging in the wind witch may loose potential players.

    As for question of the week in a moba i would like to see that may be inovative is a custome made hero as the players avatar that fights next to a selected hero allied to the player giving some customization to players and yet keeping to moba playstyle

  11. its always depends on creators of game, what kinda of graphics it will have good or bad, and how much time they will have to develop it, look unreal engine 3 on bioshock infinite freaking amazing graphics, or just Earth Special Forces : Final, on freaking hl1 engine. smite do have domination, arena modes so yah girl want to see what smite already have or SMNC have what spunky would like to see…

  12. I want to give a Da-Bomb to WarThunder. They constantly have events which players can get free premium currency. One of their most recent events you could get some premium currency from just winning a match.It’s nice to see games give gifts like this.

  13. I want to give a Dabomb to Warframe. I finally was able to play with a friend of mine and we’re having so much fun. Another Dabomb to Neverwinter I can’t wait till it comes out. There is another P2P beta I’m in that I’d like to give a Dabomb to but I’m under NDA so I won’t right now.

  14. Got a Da-Bomb for Defiance! Played the beta test and absolutely loved the game. Can’t wait till it comes out April 2nd. The entire game is good in my book, go and check it out!

  15. Wow, gave it a few tries but I am out now. They all have no clue about their own topics of discussion. Particularly Hannah…time to find a new site.

  16. as for firefall the thumpers, u get resources for helping but very little and complete trash
    (Sifted Earth good for nothing) if the thumper they are using isnt high level thumper

    so wen there is a mark on the map for a resource you will need for crafting and some jackass gets there before you good luck coz these hoggers never inviteand u get trash for helping.

    please play the game youself and make progress (craft all the version 1 gear) before u go gaga over hearsay nonsense

    • Im sure your one of the guys that begs the whole time for items. Ive never had a problem with getting an invite nor did i ever denid if i got asked. It depends on how you are and after reading your command, its not a suprise u are always alone and get the crap things. Everyone needs to farm and so will you.

      • multiplayer online battle arena plz learn your terms yes it is a moba.

        and for those that get bad graphics thats a bug learn to read discussions and find a fix
        ( im not having this bug)

        altho i am a bit dissapointed that all they did with all this time is add 1 new map & char, than lock out 1/3 of the characters to buy (along with many skins)

        but its still fun to get on randomly

        • the mode i like best atm is capturing bases/giant hovering crystals & free for all
          (altho there is 2 other maps that do team deathmatch

          has potential but not under the current ppl that are managing it, i hope some publisher buys them out

        • And this is why I dislike the term MOBA (stands for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena). Multiplayer Online can refer to ANY game which has multiplayer capabilities and is online (and nearly all multiplayer games are played online anyway). There’s heaps of other games with Battl” in them, like Archeblade mentioned above, and Archeblade is also played in an Arena (basically an enclosed area).

          However, that being said, ARTS (Action Real Time Strategy) isn’t a great term either, because all RTS games have action when you go attack your opponents and level their bases, and Dota-style/AoS-style…while it certainly gives references to the games that started the genre, new players would not know what it means.

          There really needs to be a better term coined for this genre.

          • Yup, Archeblade is a MOBA, fits the name quite well. And I understand your concern about genre titles, but I do believe A-RTS is quite a fitting genre name for games such as DotA, HoN, etc.

            Sure, most (maybe all) RTS games have action, but it’s not centered around it. What I mean is in most RTS games (like Age of Empires) you must acquire resources to grow, and eventually overcome your opponents. These resources are things such as gold, food, wood, etc.
            In A-RTS though, the game is focused around action, and the objectives likewise. For example, in DotA, to acquire gold you must either kill creeps or other players (which is action), and this gold will be used to acquire items that help in various aspects of the game, which essentially create advantages to overcome the enemy (through action). The rest is straight-forward.

          • Everything that falls under the MOBA title basically is stale and shitty, including the fringe ones like Archeblade that aren’t 100% true to the basic mold.

            I don’t know why every time a new one comes out I try it out and think I’m going to like it. (Most recently that turn based one I already forget the name of.) I haven’t liked one since the original DoTA, and even that got old.


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