On this week’s show we run down our winners and losers from E3 2017, point out our favorites from the show, cover the convention’s F2P news, chat about Magic Duels shutting down, and reveal the surprising results of Jason’s survey. All that and more on this week’s Free to Play Cast!

Discussion Timestamps:

02:32 E3 Review
27:36 Magic Duels Closing, A Magic MMORPG in the Works
40:37 MMO Survey Results
50:04 Weekly Bombs (DA-Bomb / A-Bomb)
57:35 Questions and Answers of the Week

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  1. Nothing at E3 really caught my attention. As t Aeria games and bless I really think the issues was it was taking forever till release. Many games from Aeria are announced and then released in 6 months or less. Several years ago the announced a game called Lime Odysea that was finally guitely dropped after 4 years. As for Magic the Gathering and relic, just look at Neverwinter. It is much more popular than DDO and gets regular updates. So it is probably a good choice. PS Twin Saga has a monk class.

  2. On E3, the best new upcoming IP for me has to be Vampyr and the best reveal has to be Anthem, which is what makes 2017 the saddest year for Bioware since, if they’d pool resources from Mass Effect Andromeda and Anthem teams into just 1 IP the resulting game would probably beat sales from what both games will have by the end of 2018, then again Frostbite Engine is a crap anyway, lets see what comes out of it.
    On Nintendo particularly, in the past I said Switch is a tablet with a custom pad and I still stand by it. I’m sorry but nothing grounbreaking can ever come out of a tablet’s processing power in our current day and age, again the only game worth playing on any Nintendo platform is Zelda and really how many reiterations of a Mario 64 platformer can you play until you get bored? And please if you want a “tactics” type of game get XCom 2 and/or Atlas Reactor and/or Duelyst and/or Smite Tactics, that thing looks like “this is an intro for 12y olds to tactics games” than a full fledged tactical RPG. It’s also funny how they present the console as a thing that everyone will pool around a table to see people play, get it out of your head, no one will spend time looking at you playing a console on a random table. – “Nintendo, we have puzzles and bubbles in all the irritating flashy colors since 1985!”
    To Magicman in particular, question to the panel, How’s that FF14 experience this week? ( I hear top notch queues, questing bugs, DCs and overall bad server issues. #FinalFrustration14 ? )
    Da-Bomb to Vampyr, from what I’ve seen about the game it seems that story driven RPGs are more what I look into games, dark, gritty, immersive and let’s hope with great replayability. A-Bomb to people that think that “fun” is a synonym of “competitive”, it’s not, while one leads to a happy feeling the whole day the other leads to frustration, rage and an unconfortable feeling when you win.
    Question of the Week, If I have to pick quality and quantity all in 1 company’s presentation I’d say Sony won with 4 good mid-high quality titles (Spiderman, Call of Duty, Destiny and God of War). If I have to pick top 3 games I’d say in order Anthem, God of War and Vampyr. If I have to pick Top Rehash Gaming Companies, Nintendo and Bethesda won by far.

  3. QOTW: There were a couple of games that grabbed my interest like A Way Out, Wolfenstein II, State of Decay 2, Metro Exodus and it was nice to see more of Far Cry 5 and Shadow of War. However for me the highlight was definitely Anthem. It looks like something i would very much enjoy.

    Weekly bomb: I’m gonna start by giving an a-bomb to Q. Please take no offense to this Q. It’s a pleasure to listen to you and everyone else involved in the podcast, but i was thinking to challenge my self to take a shot each time she says “you know” and “i don’t know”. I gave that up quickly as… you know… i’m not much of a drinker and … i don’t know… i’d probably just comatose in 10 min.

    I’ve also got a weekly bomb to an update i’ve been waiting for some time for Gloria Victis, the combat update. It is early into the update, they call this a soft launch of the update, but i am disappointed at the moment. While the animations are cool looking and realistic, the combat still doesn’t feel good to me. I hope they can fix it, but for the time being it gets an a-bomb.

    • In the first part i did not completely answer your qotw, because while there where bad shows and alright shows. I didn’t had anyone in mind as a winner of E3. But there was one show i did not watched even though i heard it was good. Yep, it’s Devolver Digital and i’ve finally gave it a go.

      So several days later… QOTW part II: Devolver Digital won E3 for me. They have some good games, but it’s not for the games. They were funny, but it’s not for the humor. For me, Devolver Digital won E3 for having some big motherf-ing balls.


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