It’s a full show with every minute covering the future of all the EverQuest games, a review for Otherland and one for Tiny Mighty (AVOID!), some Runescape initial news, and the shutdown of a few active titles. All that and more on this week’s Free to Play Cast!

Discussion Timestamps:

01:02 All the EverQuests
12:55 Otherland and Tiny Mighty Reviews
28:17 MMO Shutdowns
31:30 Runescape/Darkscape
32:53 Weekly Bombs (DA-Bomb / A-Bomb)
38:59 Questions and Answers of the Week

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  1. I’m going to give a DA-Bomb to Archeage for its server downtime due to the patch/merges. Yeah you read that correctly, a DA-bomb NOT an A-bomb. Why? Because what you failed to mention was the 7 days of patron time, the labor potions, the costume, the boat, the temp buff items, oh yes and full labor we were compensated with. I’m tired of everyone acting like Archeage is The Plague. Is it perfect? No. Is it unique and fun? Yes.
    I get that it has had its issues, many of them customer service related, but you don’t go into a grocery store, by a two-liter, and because the clerk was rude, bash the two-liter. And as for the server downtime. Name one game that has not at one point or another had an issue with a patch. I’ve played a damn lot of MMOs and I can’t.
    You want to be pissed at Trion? Fine. But the game itself has a lot of interesting features including an intricate crafting system, great class customization, fun dungeons, PvP with a purpose, land ownership (though I do not own land myself), dynamic events, etc. I am not just saying I like the game because it’s ‘pretty’. I have been there since Alpha. Archeage is not a bad game. I am not a ‘bad’ person for liking the game. That’s all I’m saying.

  2. OK, if there’s one MMO that needs to be nuked from orbit, it’s Scarlet Blade from Aeria Games. How this travesty of a game is still online isn’t a mystery, and here’s why.

    I was waiting for an event at one of the major gaming conventions, Gen Con. While in line, one of the security guys struck up a conversation with me. He appeared to be in his 60’s and didn’t have many teeth. So he asked me if I played any of those MMOs, of which I said yes. He asked me whether I had played Scarlet Blade, of which I also said I had. He then became animated and excited that someone else had played the game! He talked about how he really enjoyed looking at all of those boobs bouncing around. Having to ask the obvious question, I then proceeded to ask if he had purchased the nudity bits. He came over and whispered, “Of course I did!”

    Having met someone who actually puts money into that game, please save the rest of humanity and that poor guy’s money and shut Scarlet Blade down.

  3. Daybreak is being controlled by an investment company. They are being pressured to make money. If it can not make a profit the investment company will sell off all parts of the company that can recover their investment.

    I haven’t trusted the new company since this happened and everything since has not changed my stance. It will not surprise me if by 2016 we hear a notice that the IPs are being sold and the company is being dissolved.


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