Aion reveals Upheavals launch date, Infinite Crisis is shutting down, all that and more, this… is Free To Play Weekly!

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  1. Yes the longer a person waits the sour the product become.. dont announce stuff to soon or the player base will hype and die before it even see the light of day.

  2. The right way to release a game:
    1) Give hints keet the rest tight lipped let teh communities chatter.

    2) Durring clsoed alpha cycles, private invites onmy give measurable content out, PAY THE TESTERS. Not the other way around where we pay to test it.
    3) same strict ness in closed beta but more community invites. This should be more of the stress test and bug squashing area not content testing, basic control testing stage. And no cash exchanges

    4) Open Beta, full operating performance with everything implemented. Only thing this stage should be for in question is finally opening up the credit card system for cash shop options.

    5) Ful release FAST after OB. No “Forever open beta, so we can be lazy excuse…pay us more for a one day full release”.

    But, thats none of my business

  3. Does announcing a game to early kill my hype? Easily kills my hype I think companies should hold off until they have 1 or 2 years before launch. Like with Metro Conflit Presto I lost interest even forgot about it untill this year. I will check it out only because REDDUCK is developing it.

  4. Wildstar was released way to early w/o proper testing for end game systems. It might be good now but if they worked on it a little more before releasing the box copy it would have had a chance with their sub option.

  5. Also another MOBA going down in China:

    From Nexon. Looks like the MOBA hype train is not that easy to jump on…

  6. That song fits current gaming market really mmo dev’s need too learn their lesson same copy will never beat the original no matter how pretty is the package.
    Well Hype train is just a metaphor for early advertisement and I see no problem with it, with it you inform the client of incoming product problem is companies tend too exaggerate like 12 year old that seen a sea for the first time making it look bigger then it really is. My tip is chose the train based on has the bridge been built, not the one they promise you too build out of titanium.

  7. Starding the hype train too soon can be damageing if done too early and have negative effects on the player base, but starting too late can be even more destructive. If you start the hype too soon its okey for the company, they will not go bankrupt, because they will get still alot of players, but starting too late can cause the lack of players and ultimetly will cause low proffits. The reveal of a game too early can be fustrating but is better to have to a company than starting too late.

  8. You can see a list of all the classes from skyforge already. They’re going to have like 13 on release. You can also see gameplay for it all. Kinetic is kinda old news, but its still nice to see a proper demonstration video from skyforge.


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