Progress is lost in Devilian, League of Legends gets bought, all that and more, this… is Free To Play Weekly!

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  1. I have been watching Free To Play Weekly for quite a while, but this is my first time commenting. Your question of the week struck a chord with me due to a recent disappointing experience.

    Question of the week: If I enjoy the game that I am playing, I tend to be very forgiving and at least give the company a second chance. However, my forgiveness mainly depends upon the type of infraction. It is one thing for a company to make a mistake regarding the handling of their game and attempt to make amends for the error. Even if the compensation does not fit or is not ideal, at least the developers acknowledge their mistake and value the customer enough to attempt to do right by them. For example, with Trion Worlds and their (mis)handling of ArcheAge, I enjoyed the game itself to the point that I kept holding on through several months and countless fumbles. I did not take the mishandling and mistakes personally, so I stayed until the negatives outweighed the positives for me and my guild.

    A company is past the point of forgiveness when they do not place value in their customer. Enter NCSoft. I have played Aion since launch (6 years!), paid for multiple accounts when it was subscription-based, and continued to buy perks across numerous additional accounts when it went free-to-play. One of my most heavily-used accounts got wrongfully swept up in one of their recent mass-bans, for what I can only assume to be very heavy/excessive grinding on my part. NCSoft support then proceeded to be rude, dismissive, and refused to answer my questions regarding the matter. When a company does not value their customer enough to admit their own mistakes and work with the customer to correct a matter, they are not worthy of a second chance. I place value on my time, emotional attachment, and money. Why invest any of those in a company that does not do the same?

    • “for what I can only assume to be very heavy/excessive grinding on my part.”

      so they caught you botting and banned your ass… funny thing is, you actually try(tried) to play stupid about it…you’re not fooling anyone. you got what you deserved.

      lemme guess, you got “hacked”?

      • Nope, I did not bot and I was not hacked. I have no reason to do anything untoward. I play the game socially, mainly to spend time with my mother who is homebound and disabled due to illness. It’s a way for my family and a few close friends to hang out and spend time together. I actually have offered to get my hard drives analyzed to prove there is not, and never has been, anything malicious on my PC. No acknowledgment of that from NCSoft, however. Your response itself is a sad tell on the state of their community, or perhaps the online gaming community in general. Legitimate players get caught up in NCSoft bans on a regular basis, but the toxicity of the community aids in allowing the company to hide from being held accountable for its actions. I understand in coming forward with this that my integrity will come into question – your response is dime a dozen from what I’ve seen said to players far more reputable and important in the community than I have ever been. (Even after they were proven to be innocent) But this is mainly about the time and emotional attachment that was destroyed without reason, so it’s worth it. There was also money invested, and as a paying customer that investment should be noteworthy to NCSoft as well, but the time investment is not as easily replaced. If I can caution others from placing their trust, time, and money in a company that does not value them… Enduring the potshots is worth it. My integrity is stronger than my pride. Happy to divulge what exactly happened in the time leading up to the ban, and what caused the false flagging.

        • “There was also money invested, and as a paying customer that investment should be noteworthy to NCSoft as well”

          as soon as i see this line of self-entitlement, i know people like you are full of it…

          “i paid money, you can’t do this…i deserve blah blah blah”…

          companies don’t just ban people for nothing… i’ve played my share of online games, and never once have i ever been banned for anything. am i lucky? no. i play by the rules.

          • Bluntly, you are making considerable false assumptions. You are also cherry-picking phraseology you do not like within my statements in order to slant my motives/persona. It is not entitlement to note monetary investment in addition to the investment of time and emotion. It is also a comfortable fallacy to assume that if you follow the rules, nothing bad will happen to you. That every single disciplinary action is on-point and justified, that there are no false positives. It would be far less enjoyable to confront the fact that a company you invest time (and yes, money) in, that you trust to be fair and accurate in their assessments and decisions, is flawed. I was under the same naive impression until quite recently, but was proven to be mistaken. Again, though, I can understand where it is easier to create an “us” vs “them” mentality than consider the alternative: A rule-abiding player just like you got banned and treated poorly in the process. I understand that you do not believe me in particular. Fair enough. But if for point of argument, for the sake of playing Devil’s advocate, you can entertain this circumstance as fact – would you too not wish to do something about it? Or is it appropriate to be treated in such a manner when you did nothing wrong?

  2. Spending money on Early Access is always bad. A bad idea. Take my word and experience from it.

    “Early Access Game
    Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. “

  3. This is the only review on that i watch full, cuz its 5-7mins long? LOL, anyway just wanna say here keep up the good work Zach Sharpes, love your Free to Play Weekly, as always will catch you on the next episode.

    Question of the week: Regardless how many chances we give to the Developers, they will screw up at some point, what i’m personally looking for is how they cope up with the problem, the only MMO dev’s i find good is Level Up Games waaaay back, made me stick to Ragnarok Online, but that’s a long time ago.


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