Free To Play Weekly – Is “Less” Better for the Future of the MMO Industry? Ep. 237


Skyforge is getting a massive overhaul, Eve Online is getting a “F2P” option, all that and more, I’m Zach Sharpes and this… is Free To Play Weekly!

Free-To-Play Weekly with Zach Sharpes is your weekly web show about free to play multiplayer online games from This show presents you with the most important news of the week about free-to-play online games and the latest releases, with a few jokes thrown in for good measure. Have fun and expect a new show next week!

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  1. Reason mmorpg’s not doing so well is cause their copy of a copy of a copy meaning one unique feature won’t change the fact that the rest is the same i mean wow and league did not become popular by doing something every one was they made their own they took the risk and it payed off. If other companies stoped playing safe then mmo in general would prosper. As for Korean giants not being able too compete with Chinese is simple you can’t conquer another when you have not conquered your own. China was concentrating on mobile and they lead it for ncsoft or other companies too enter it first they got too be on top of mmo market they work in.

    • Ummm… WoW is a copy of Everquest (Debatable) and League copied Dota, they didn’t do anything unique.
      Doubt it’s safe to say they took risks, they took something popular and used that to boost themselves ahead. (WoW had all those fans from WC3 who wanted Warcraft 4 but got the MMO instead and Dota was a pretty famous map with lots of players.)

      As for Chinese and Koreans, their games are usually garbage and if not they have some abhorrid company running the show that literally scares off all their user base…

      • i agree with you dude i think like you…everyone says wow and LoL with perfection, but forget that before them there were other older mmos in the 90s people are dominated by the media and forget the true story, the truth is that. and i think starcitizen will be the real next generation mmo they are doing a gorgeous job if you see the last citizen con they made a awesome demonstrarion as the game will actually be…was a demonstration to shut up people who doubted them, I know it has a lot to be done but I believe that almost all the world will bow to starcitizen even if they put the game buy2play only just be patient.EVE online will have free2play option? man i have my doubts i never played eve online but i think the game is dying for them to be doing this since like 2003,2002 this game existis,and they have always followed subscription, and now in 2016 they decide to do this? very suspicious. but its ok for me at least i will have the chance to test the game.

    • 100% true. Idk about the copying thing but I have seen soem MMOs done it in the past. But the giants haven’t been able to compete with the chinese because they been focusing mainly on mobile which led them to the top of the mobile gaming market.

  2. more mmo’s since we have had such small release numbers lately and the quality is still horrible
    but what game companies need to know is that mmo’s should start at end game no grinds .
    as the slaes numbers dropping has shown players (like myself) hate a grind.
    we just want to start at the end game and that is why mobas and shooters and mobile games are taking over

    • So true grinding MMOs are horrible. I hate mobile games to but grinding games are even worse in my opinion. I’d like to see less grinding and MMOs put more work into their games. The rate MMOs are right now are garbage in my opinion and people wonder why no game has beaten world of warcraft yet.

      • yeah mmo grinding levles got old in 2007 after wow passed its peek player numbers and begun declining .
        the future is pure end game i mean the closest i have seen to that is skyforge but they screwed it up by applying limits on your daily levels and rewards or it could have been perfect .

    • You want to start at the end game only because most of the time that is the only place where the mmo in question doesn’t suck. The real problem isn’t grind.

  3. every time i hear about new mmo – its ASIAN, anime i mean, for me ugly looking with g.a.y. characters to create, with only one faction….. or just stupid portal and teleport based claustrophobic world like skyforge and neverwinter, or b2w games like GW2, SWtoR, Rift…….

    i could play mmorpg day and night if it was: NOT ANIME, full content f2p (only cosmetics and boosters in money shop), real open world (go almost anywhere without teleport and portal), 2 rival factions, few races (not boring human like in skyforge)


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