Snail Games announces Dark and Light, Trion reveals a brand new expansion for Rift, all that and more, I’m Zach Sharpes and this… is Free To Play Weekly!

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  1. RIFT now costs much more than announced expansion. With little changes over time (often unannounced), f2p element is almost gone, as in order to play normally you simply need “patron” subscription (approx. 10 eur/month, depending on plan) and many necessary shop items had gone from in-game currency to flat hard cash prices. Alternative in even 10 hour daily grinding is not an option, as main currency (for equipment, as Rift is gear-based game) is not grindable, it comes from weekly quests where only subscribers get 50% bonus.

    So, the actual price of expansion is both prices of subscription + expansion (50-70 euro in cash for first month on release). This makes RIFT the most expensive game out on market by far. And is it worth it?

    With that said, due to such moves, player base is decimated. There were never less people playing RIFT, often coming to point that it’s hard to form even decent 10-man raids, in which people have average or below gear, making it harder to complete even older dungeons than, say, a year or two ago, let alone that Trion invested so much time and effort creating new raid dungeons (and now zones too), in which bar 50 players on whole European cluster of servers together, never set foot in and aren’t equipped to run them.

    New stuff is always good, but in Trion’s case they made content ahead that majority can’t play. While they are enriching the game, they are losing players, making them short of income for their effort and next to nobody playing new content, and leaving players angry and quitting because they can’t afford constantly increasing cash prices, nor can participate in new content.

    Check out Minds of Madness, previous big patch 3.6, a big new raid, which is spammed as news and most patches are addressed to that dungeon since it came out . When it came out 2 parties consisting of players from all servers combined cleared it few times. Half of them had since quit the game, and since then just few people go to kill 1st boss only each month or so. So, where’s the reason? Development, marketing and etc teams worked hard for months to make something that only chosen few could explore, while whole player base is asked to pay for content they can’t access due to impossible advancement of their characters (at least in f2p mode). If it stays like this, new zones will be ghost zones where only rich kids will stand next to portals to show off how rich they are.

  2. Snail games ruined age of wushu experience for me but if they been working on Dark and Light since 2004 and been improving it alot I might take a peek at it. But I’m not interested in the elder scrolls legends mobile card game it just looks like they tried to copy hearthstone. I think hearthstone looks more fun then elder scrolls new mobile card they they are building. Trion worlds has done some funny things but I think Rift and maybe Archeage would be the only 2 games out of all their games I would play. I’ve played games from a dev/publisher and they have done alot of questionable things which is why I boycotted them. I requested my account be disabled since their help pages say they do that service and they didn’t sound very happy when I requested it and I went through a week of spamming emails back and fourth with them before they IP blocked me without notice and alot of other stuff happened and I wasn’t happy with their service is all I gotta say.

    • You have no clue about Elder Scrolls: Legends… Nothing is HearthStone about it… The class set up is very different, the PVE is very different, the battle is different, the card draw is different… And it is not mobile, it is only available in .exe PC file. (Hearthstone is moble, PC, and MAC)… Derp.


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