Smite: Shadee VS Magicman - Join this Battle!

MMOBomb Staff
By MMOBomb Staff,

Alright MMOBombers! You heard about it on the Free to Play Cast Ep. 23 and now it is time to make some teams. Our editors Shadee and Magicman are going to face off in Hi-Rez Studios new MOBA; Smite. They need your help though! They need some teammates!

If you would like to be considered for their teams please comment below with which team you'd like to be on, why you should be picked, and what country you're from. This is open to the globe so your country is only be asked to help make a schedule for the match. Shadee and Magicman each need 4 teammates so sign up and get ready!

Teams will be choosen next week and the winnes contacted to schedule the match (So please use a valid email and if you don´t have a beta key, we will send you one). The match, and audio, will be recorded and posted for all to view!

See you, literaly, on the server!

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Discussion (131)

Kurinkita 11 years ago
I would love to join, but i would need a beta key then.
Well, im a pretty decent gamer. played much LoL, Dota 2 and HoN so i can the basics. But i've also played a game that reminds pretty much about smite, Called LOCO made by ala playa.

No matter of which team specific, both of you are hilarious :)

Hope i get my chanse, thanks for the opportunity :D

Nazerath 11 years ago
Hey My Name on Smite is Nazerath add me to play with em i main Hades

KlippToxX 11 years ago
Heya my name is Robin, i'm 14 years old and i'm from Sweden

I would be happy if u culd give me a key cus this game looks awsum
and i will ejoy it so much. I would realy like to test this game b4 i buy it.
I'm familiar with Lol,WoW,HoN

Thanks, peac.

Fillelolz 11 years ago
hello guys! my name is fille, i would really enjoy to play Smite! i wanna test something new, i have played alot of others game like, LoL, diablo etc. I'd love it! Thanks! link me beta key @my email.

Fillelolz 11 years ago
Hello! my name is Fille! i would really enjoy playing with the crew, i have play alot of other games like, LoL,Diablo3! I would really like with a new game.
Thanks for me! link me a beta key @ my email.

Walllah 11 years ago
My name is Mahan From Ontario Canada. i am 16.
I would really enjoy playing with the crew, im just looking to have fun,
i have played mobas before League, Dota, HoN and Diablo 3,
I don't care what team i'm on just as before saying im only here to enjoy myself.

Napolean 11 years ago
Hey I am Zach, 18, from the Eastern USA.

I have enjoyed the MOBA genre with LoL for a long time now, and I'm really excited to see how SMITE will change up the genre. It would be awesome to share that experience with you guys.

I'd like to be on team Shadee if a spot is available.


rogerio 11 years ago
18 years old , almost finish informatic engenier at college , experienced moba player , would like to join and enjoy smite

Angel Guerrero 11 years ago
Hi Everyone it would be really awesome if I could get in on this even siding with Shadee's team. My reason is because I think this would be a great opportunity to dive in head first to the great community you guys have. At first I came across one of your videos and subscribed right away, but now I've been meaning to be more involved and put myself out there, and it would be great to meet you guys finally. Also on top of that I'm a heavily experienced League of Legends player and like Shadee started playing it around the time when it had just released. As for the country I'm U.S.A and would also like to add that at the moment I don't have a beta key =/

Miguel Dentinho 11 years ago

My name is Miguel Dentinho and I'm 17 years old.
I would love to join the magicaman team since I love watching his podcasts.
I received the SMITE beta from a friend a week or two ago, and fell in love.

Yours faithfully,

Miguel Dentinho

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jashwanthms 11 years ago
darn they would have picked by now darn i didnt get picked

ZombieMarkTwain 11 years ago
Hey everyone! I would like to be on Magicman's team. I've been playing DOTA games since DOTA. =P I usually play a caster character and I can carry like no other! I'm a big fan and I've seen every single commentary and I support on youtube as well. I'm 17 and I'm from Texas (USA ^_^) I'd love to have an opportunity to show off my skills and meet both Magicman and Shadee. Well....that's about it..I hope that I'm fortunate.

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DBrom 11 years ago
I would love to play in Shadees team, im an experienced moba player.
Im from Brazil.

Dreadbcool11 11 years ago
I singed up for a beta key, and I would love to play the game.I would like to be joined in this battle between both of you and have some fun with 2 of my favorite people on MMOBOmb for I am a ture MMOBomber and I wan tot play SMITE with everybody that I can.

Nazerath 11 years ago
I am 16 years old and i love playing mobas i play RotT and LOL but mainly RotT but its not open atm because closed beta and I wanna join A team for smite i love moba's and Hopfully i Get in.

I am a true MMOBomber and I want to play SMITE

Dragoninja 11 years ago
Im 20, from USA eastern time zone.
I think you should pick me because im in some way different from all the other applicants. Additionally, I'm a god in real life and can turn small children into gnomes with Leprosy. Yes its a dirty trick, but when i turned them into spiders they would just attack me. Also, my GF just dumped me and kicked me out. I live back with my mother and i have no job. My mother still puts broccoli in my Mac'n Cheese even though i tell her not to! Please understand my frustration and let me join a team. Thank you.

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Deebu 11 years ago
It doesnt really matter to me, on which team I would be.
I should be picked coz I am experienced MOBA player. I played DOTA over a year, then HoN and now I play LoL. I belive I excel in strategic thinking.
I am 20 and from Czech Republic in the middle of Europe

Godstomp25 11 years ago
Hey guys it Godstomp here and i would love to play with the big man Magicman becoiuse how we all know tha Magickman is not the best in pvp so i would just freaking love to play with him and see if we can take him to the next lvl in pvp by killing shadee.

But i just need a bate key....Pls Magickman chose me ^-^

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Eric 11 years ago
Id love to play for any team. Magic man perferably.
Have played Lol, HoN , Doto, and, Immortals.
I'm from Canada Eh! and I need a Beta key.

New Player 11 years ago
please please i need 2 keys please my please people help not more!!! thnx

Preslav Nedev 11 years ago
Team: Shadee
Age: 19
Country: Bulgaria

Why I should be picked? Well I'm skilled MOBA player, I've been playing Smite for a while now(I was selected for it about a month ago or so) and also I got a mic so we can have a good time on any VoIP software there is :) That being said I'd really really love the chance to play with an organised team!

P.S. Pick me and you ensure your win :) (Also if you notify me before the match I'd be available to play any time of the day.)

LegalDanish 11 years ago
I would like to join Magicman cause i think he would need a true Viking by his side to steer the hand of Odin
high elo LoL player
19 yrs. old
you know you need a Dane by your side. I KNOW YOU KNOW IT TO BE TRUE.
i got mumble, vent, skype and all that shizle

Est3tic 11 years ago
Team: Shadee
From: Serbia
Time zone:GMT +2
got mic and skype
i have been playing smite for 7 days now and i'm lvl 10 i played alot of other mobas (hon,lol,dota,Rise of Immortals) but all that doesnt matter cuz third person changes is all

Iliev 11 years ago
Hi I'm from Bulgaria and I'm a online gamer for 5 years now.I've played many popular p2p and f2p online games both professionally and just for fun:) I want to be on the Magicman team cuz i want to see how the always competent people from the gaming media play and how he manages to lead a team of random strangers :D I also want to try SMITE cuz it looks interesting and i dont have a beta key,I have experience with the moba genre so that should be no problem.

Busersuser 11 years ago
well ill be honest im not realy good at english but ill do my best to make myself understand.
so the reason i think i shoud join you?easy question :) to balance the team XD im probably a MOBA Players with the same skills as magicman so if you want a nice match i think you shoud have another "bad" player (sorry magicman) but for Shadee team.that way i woud balance the teams and give a much better expirience to both teams hehe

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DonSilver 11 years ago
Yo to all in the gamer world.

I'd like to join Shadee's army in the battle against Magicman. I live in the country of USA and have a lot of experience in the gaming world of MOBA. I've played LOL since its closed betas, gave it shot at HON, played some matches in Realm of the Titans, and know the game of Rise of Immortals. So if you need a player I'm willing and able. Catch ya in the game.


PS I probably need a key.......just saying lol

DgReborn 11 years ago
Been playing this more and more lately. Ao Kuang is currently my favorite god, mainly because of the kite and general strength of his Ultimate. Currently level 7 playen when I can.

age: 21

Country: United States

Team: shadee

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iNzTaKiLL 11 years ago
i would want to be with magic man im from norway and i really dont got any gameplay but i play smite already and i play league of legends and a bit of smash muck (Even though its not like lol and smite) and a bit of blodline champions ^^ Good Luck

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Harut 11 years ago
Team: Shadee
Country : Armenia
Age: 15

I am first and only player from Armenia and i think it will be a great when players be from different countries. I love MOBA games, i started from LoL and Dota but now i am playing Smite. I have a betakey and i play not for beta key, i play for good game. My skype harutazatyan . My ingame nick is GegaTox.

trandill 11 years ago
hey im in beta and i would really like to join u both, i have pretty good internet so my ping is not that high, love ur show by the way.

account: aben

country: denmark

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Thor04 11 years ago
I want to be on Magicman team because he is awful in MOBAs(arts). I played wc3 dota for couple of years, LoL for 1 years and now i play Dota 2 also i tried Loco witch is something like Smite(3rd person moba), I don't have beta key for Smite so this is another reason why i want to get in.
I'm 20 years old and writing from Serbia.

Burndragon 11 years ago
Team: Magickmann
Country : US
Age: 14
User Name:Burndragon
I know that I am little young,but I am experience with MOBA,like SMNC,MNC and LOCO.Also,the reason I chose to be on Magickmann is because he is awesome guy and I <3 to watch the free-to-play cast.If I get pick to play in the match,then I will try my best to help Magickmann to win and having a good time.If I don't get in the match,I will fully understand and I will try next time (If you guy are doing this event again).

Jokera 11 years ago
I will love to join the party. :) I am playng smite for sometime its a great game Cya

zenomex 11 years ago
Cmon guys, pick m already :o

iNzTaKiLL 11 years ago
Magicman! im from Norway and my in-game name is AnameIsLame :P See you in the fields even if it is not this field :P Good Luck all

Est3tic 11 years ago
hey bombers
i actually don't care in what team i join i just want to be a part of this fight :))

i have been playing smite for almost 6 days on 2 accounts and i prefer ad characters
can play mp gods too,wont use my 5500 until the fight

Boxofcookies 11 years ago
I'm a chill guy and I'm experienced with almost every major MOBA game. I've played HoN, League of Legends, and the original Dota. I'm quite skilled in all of them. I'm from the USA. I'm to join whoever's team needs me most. Hit me up.

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ulysses00 11 years ago
i am very good at these games and i woud like to be on magicman's team

BgFreak 11 years ago
I am 14 years old i play a lot of games (League of Legends mostly and MMORPG).
I am from Bulgaria (GMT + 3:00) and i think i should be picked up because i think i am skilled player and its going to be FUN ! ^_^
Any team is good. The most immportant is to have fun ! ^_^

eLARAKI 11 years ago
Id really like to play the game cause im a HUGE MOBA FAN , i've been playing since i was 7 years old with my big bro ( forever support ) i played dota about 4 years than went over to League of Legends , i've played it in the beta and since the release , i also checked out hon and some other MOBAs.
Id like to be on Magicman's team because hes a noob at PvP and i really want to test my skills :D
I do not have a beta key BTW.

SgtSwagger4 11 years ago
im sgtswagger and i live in da US of A. i would like to be on magicmans team because personally i want to carry him really really hard. iv played league of legends since the very begining of it. im on a pro clan in league and i have a pretty good elo. i can play anytime. btw love the shows keep up the good work.


astranime 11 years ago
I have the beta key Smite cause i since the times that global agenda came to steam =D
My League of Legends summoner name: astranime .(I have soul of support =D)
My Smite name: astranime
Steam id: astranime =O
Im astranime anywhere =P
I have 20 years old but child heart =P
Im from argentina but i assure that you will understand me =D
In fact i talk so much and so fast that u will want to kill me no matter if im on your team =P
This will be so fun, no matter if I cant be on your team i assure you that ill look the game later =D
Thanks for the opportunity, sorry for the long message and sorry for the faces of each line =P

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Jashwanthms 11 years ago
EXP: Dota 3 years expirince and League of Legends for 2 years .
Team: Magicman.
Contry : india
Time : 24x7 any time

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charlie 11 years ago
i want to join magicman team because i play alot of League of Legends By alot i play almost everyday and i hon. i want to play because i will really make my day and i want to see how good shadey im from canada :D i dont have a beta key yet

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GamersJoint 11 years ago
hey i want to join your team magicman because i am good if you want you can check out my channel on youtube to see my gameplays GamersJoint also i wanna pwn shadey hehe

Maui1100 11 years ago
Team: Shadee
Country : US
Age: 19

I'm a recent fan of the mmobomb shows and I would just love to play with you guys but i will say this forehand I'm not the best MOBA player around but i do have a good understanding of this game genre to be helpful. Please pick me I have already gotten in alot of hours in Smite so i think i would be an asset to your team.

Rexgad 11 years ago
Team: Shadee
Country : US
Age: 24

I play League of Legends since open beta, I have over 1000 games played.
I played other MOBAs and RTS games so I'm a bit experience and i have understanding on how this games work. I'm decent on this types of games.

xdrt 11 years ago
Team: Magicman
From:Portugal (GMT+1)

Would love to play with the ones that give me the news about the free mmo world, and the main reason: someone gotta carry Magicman!!!
I play mobas for a long long long time.
dota / dota2 / lol

Taikiji 11 years ago
Team: Shadee
Age:16 (but please don't judge by my age)
From: Italy

I'd like to start saying... I'm with you man, I've seen all your videos on League of Legends, and I agree 100%. By this, yes I play LoL, have a lvl 30 account, and play it "competitively", manly with friends because 2/3 times draft pick is terrible. Not here to rant about that. I'd love to play with you on smite, and your reasons to accept me as a team mate is that I'm not a troll. I know how the moba genre works. Haven't had a chance to play smite specifically, but I'm a good person to talk with, will follow orders, have your same mentality of thought, and will set up a reword system on our team so we improve together instead of push each-other down.

Thanks for reading my application to team awesome (or whatever the name will be, it'll be awesome), hope I get to be chosen to fight by your side during this greatly, abhorred, fierce war.

emil 11 years ago
hellow i want to be on the team of magicman, because i want to make make shadee cry and admit that magicman is better that shadee. and i have around 5 years of MOBA game experience. i should be pick beacuse i am a good team player and i have good strategies for MOBA games that could make us win. and i am form Canada. please pick me and i will make Magicman proud

firedragon88 11 years ago
Team: Any :)
why should i be picked: I've been following MMObomb on you tube for a while now and i absolutely love all your shows, played HoN and League of legends, want to contribute and engage in this wonderful community, hope to see more competitions like this in the near future.
From: Saudi Arabia

KsorK 11 years ago

Well i would like to be picked cause i wanna see magicman, who i follow since i started listening the f2p cast ep 1 for being such a good host, doing some pvp to see if those rumors are true lol and dont worry magicman i can carry ya :P

Joseph 11 years ago
Team: Magicman
From: USA

so i heard from your free to play ep. 25 that you need someone to carry you, well i might not be able to do that but my ranked team for League of Legends loves me for my amazing ability at tanking and supporting (two roles that few people like to take). so i can at least lift some of the weight off someone's shoulders if they carry. i also play HoN and a bit of DOTA every once in a while.
i won't pretend to be the best ever at MOBAs but I'm at least a MOBA veteran :D
i will need a beta key if you choose me :)

Aphexon (oyvwilmarbjo) 11 years ago
Team: Magicman
Hello! Id love to get into the game, and make shadee scream like a girl :D I have experience playing games like Dota, LoL, RoI, HoN.
No master, but playing LoL regularly.
I live in Norway and I am 30 years old. Cheers!

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adde 11 years ago
Team: Shadee
age: 18
From: Sweden

I dont have a beta key yet but I have ben playing lol and hon for a long time!

Thunder45645 11 years ago
Team : Magicman

i just want to play and have fun!!! i love you guys and i love the community yes im only 14 years old but i am a mature gamer and i have much exp. in gaming like... i have played CSS since my 7th and i had only headshots... i played online and i have been kicked one time from a server because they THOUGHT i was hacking when i was just good with an M4A1
(still havent got a beta key but i have applied for one)

from Belgium

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Ed 11 years ago
Team: Shadee

Hey I am Ed, 20 years old and from Germany.
Why I should be picked? I already played several MOBA Games like LoL, RoTT, and BLC, love this upcoming genre. After watching the first look on SMITE, I'm totally freaked to try this one out. No better way to do that if you're kicking MM's butt in the meantime.

greets, probably see you in-game

George 11 years ago
Team: MAgicman
Age: 18
From: Hungary

I have not beta key to play Smite :/ pls send one! : D

Kjsrae 11 years ago
i really wanna see some footage of the fight, when will they stream it?

Su1c1deR 11 years ago
Well if you asked me if i want to play some mmobo game and even make a team few years a go ill told you they suck but now after i started to play dota2 i just cant play any other style games where you dont need to defent towers, lasthit creeps, gant u.c i tryed smnc but that game seems to more all aim no brain type so i hope this game would be ideal for me

well i have played a lot of fps games (one of them is tf2, was playing in div1 in european league last season but now im playing only dota2 with few friends)

hope my litle story will give me some chance to ge tin team :D

ps,. sorry for my bad eng im stoned right now :3

DeathsOrb 11 years ago
Team: Shadee
Age: 14
Place: Aus / Vic

Im fairly good at MOBA's i been playing them for about 2years now and i'd like to test out how good i am at this game and help Shadee beat magicman :D well atleast try

XxSTEELxX 11 years ago
Team: Magicman
Reason: I have watched many of Magicmans videos and he is funny and also pretty good at the games he reviews. He seems a sound tactician and I would enjoy working with him to kick some butt. I havent played the game yet but I like the way Artemis and Bastet play.
Country: USA, central standard time

Borntown 11 years ago
Would be awesome to join Magicman's team, cuz i've never played SMITE yet, and figured he's a nub as well :D
(Experienced Moba player, 17yrs old, Daniel)

chidorilord 11 years ago
im from tunisia i ma a league of legends pro and i realy want to play so plz give me a beta key

chidorilord 11 years ago
i totatly accept if i had a beta key

Tombs 11 years ago
I'll totally join one of you on this fight, I've almost nothing but moba in the last years. About 2000 LOL games and another 1000 of HON maybe and actively playing dota at the moment. I'd like to lend a hand if you'd let me (:

shadowaxlx 11 years ago
yo ill do this competition if i can get a key.

Denissekac 11 years ago
Dota 2 fan lol ,hon,realm of titans and ..... would love 2 play and have fun with this awesome game
well i hope for key but who can tel all time no luck no key so unlucky god player is here:)

Jeffery Vo 11 years ago
I would love to be part of this! It does not matter to me the team but if I had to choose it would be Magicman! ^.^ Anyways I hope you guys choose me! ^.^ I am fairly experienced in MoBA styled games like LoL, DotA, and some other recent MoBA's! I love the genre! I'm from California so yea! :)

Thiago Leite 11 years ago
Well,If a get I Key,I would love to join.
Experienced MOBA player,Actually playing League of Legends/ Dota 2.I'm from Brazil,18 years old, I spend about 6 hours per day playing.
See ya on the server

Kostas5007 11 years ago
Good luck :D i hope i get the key :D <3 love ya!

Ryleethach 11 years ago
id like to be on the team im currently playing league of legends and dota 2 im not playing other moba games right now because they dont look promising but this game looks nice in my opinion and i would love to try my dota 2 and LOL skills on it

ThcMonkee 11 years ago
28 years old - Croatian resident - I'm choosing the winning team. Or in other words, neither of you suck and i can join which ever team

I already have a beta key, i am level 12 in game, and i play a mean jungle arachne.

zenomex 11 years ago
Heya, got my beta key.

I'm 18 yrs old, from Holland. I think you should pick me because I got way too much spare time and I would like to payback the favor for giving me a beta key.

Kali is free atm and she's deffo gna be my main. So that's who I'll be playing then I guess :)


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Sage 11 years ago
I'd like to be on either magickman's or shadee's team which ever and I have a beta key. I'm in the UK GMT/EST+5/PST+8

Mantis 11 years ago
Team: Big fan of Magicman work so i like to on his team
Age: 25
Time: GTM +2

I Love MOBA games.Have 5 years in MOBA games.Use to play HoN when it was a new game and i move to LoL.I am a strong Tank like Alistar my favorite hero in LoL.I have a SMITE key and i have play 10 games if team need a tank i will do my best to take the damege and keep the team save.

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Crusio 11 years ago
Team: Both are great teams, so you guys choose.
From: Estonia
Time: GMT +3 i think, maybe GMT -3? probably +3...

Just going to say that I won't be able to play before 21st June. From MOBA games i play mainly LoL, although I've tried Dota 2 (played over 80hours), but it wasn't for me. I've been playing MOBA games since i found out there's that kind of a genre^^ That was in the beginning of open beta in LoL. So I've been playing MOBA games for almost 3 years now? I've played ~80% of MOBA games. I'm a competitive player, who likes to have fun (obviously) :D
I've been in a few not so well known streams, guess you could look me up on LoL Replays, or i can send some of my replays i have stored.

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Schweppesy 11 years ago
Team: Magicman
Age: I'm 15 years old ( I hope it really doesn't matter )
From: Serbia
Time zone:GMT +2
I have 7 years of expirience in MOBA games. Started on DotA, went trough LoL and HoN which both I didn't like. Now I'm stucked with DotA 2. If you wanna see how I play, check my replays in DotA 2, search for Schweppesy (Check last game with me as Mortred, score was 28/0/14. Picture here: ). I have looses, but even if I loose I'm always best player in my team. Tomorrow is my last day of school, so you can have all my time of the vacation. Magicman knows me as BoleJokic on youtube ( Just a hint ). Also, I'm well known leader of my team (as a carry), but I'm willing to be support if not carry for your Clash of MMOBOMBTitans.

Samzagas 11 years ago
Team: Any team is ok for me
Age: 22
From: Perú

I just got my key the other day and I've been playing quiet a bit. I'd love to help you guys with battle. BTW, i play Ra

Jonathansty 11 years ago
Team: Magicman
From: Belgium
My time zone is GMT+4 I'm now having exams i only have 1 week more to go. So it would be fun if i could just play a match with an mmobomb cast. To let some steam of for the vacantion.
I mostly play FPS but i did play Dota and Lol, but you should pick me for fun :p

Latvian Archer 11 years ago
Team: Shadee, cuz he is so funny and awesome dude from all videos, best part of it is enjoying it
Age: 20
From: Latvia, Talsi
My time zone is GMT+3.... literally available 0-24, just give me a call when and whare and we can arenge it..

I am @ mobas for last 3 years... and some counter-strinking.. and what can be best if you combine it to one.. I wana to try it out..

So ad me to your team, if you wana get entertained and have a goood time, iam your choise :)

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Undwerskill 11 years ago
Nice, I'd like to, but I don't have key.
Why: Cos it's would be so fun ^^
Age: 18
Country: Ua
Wanna play with both of them (with,against)

AwesomePants 11 years ago
Hello. im not new to MOBA's but is ure do enjoy them im not sure if im a good addition to yor team but i sure can pump up the team spirit :)

one reason i would want this oppurtunity is because then i will get to show this game of to my firneds (who will be jealous :p)

Please consider me as your teammate Best regards AwesomePants :)

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samanam 11 years ago
I'd like to play on Magicman's team :D played a lot of MOBAs and I sure have been waiting for Smite quite a while. Don't have beta key yet :c I live in Finland

Alex 11 years ago
I would love some teamspirit SMITE action. I've already got a SMITE beta key and played to lvl 5, also I am a competetive HoN player. I would play for any team, though "Shadee" sounds better for me. 16 years old, Russian Federation and good english pronounciation))
Good luck.

Jashwanthms 11 years ago
i would like play with them i have problem beta key still dont when i get those key i am from india i jion anytime the game is time not prob only day is i am 17 years . cant w8ait play this game with Shadee or Magicman

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LuthexColbark 11 years ago
OK I'm gonna be honest with you guys.
I'm 13 I live in Hong Kong, China (GMT+8) and I LOVE online games especially MOBAS.
Except I've only started playing MOBAS literally about a week ago.

I think i should be picked because:

I don't want to brag but I think I'm a reasonably skilled player.

I will follow orders and don't mind being a support unit.

I know all about strategies and ganking and all that.

I'm a fast learner and I can adapt on the battlefield.

I will be relentless and I will not stop until we stand
victorious over our enemies while we spit and cough
in there faces as their mouths are filled with blood
from being stabbed in the chest with a long sword
taking an arrow to the knee and having the
life sucked out of them with magic spells.

Cheers [ P.S I'd LOVE to be in Magicman's team but any team is fine ;) ]

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Flamyz 11 years ago
Fairly new to smite, but picking it up fairly fast. I have played over a thousand games on League of Legends and I am familiar with Moba Games. It would not matter too much which team I am on but would love to join. I'm Available most of the time, live in the US. Game name is the same as this one. I play a mean Sun Wu Kong :)

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infernodemon2005 11 years ago
just got a beta key last night from the forums lol anyway I'm interested in being on either team. whoever decides to take me will have an epic blind guy who kicks some major butt with artimus at long range. still playing hard trying to get more gods unlocked. seriously looking at Oden but not sure if i'm going to go with him lol also, due to the lack of first-time players who want to play with the monkey king, i've gotten fairly decent with him allthough he's more of a flee lol. anyway if you want an epic butt-kicking blind guy, you know who to call. btw I'm the same infernodemon2005 that will be on this weeks Free 2 Play Cast.

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Hobuci 11 years ago
The team does not matter. (But if i must pick, i'd say Shadee, he is got better name :))

Would love to fire Ra's laser!! Experienced Dota2, LoL player here.

Hungary (But I am literally available 0-24)

Alkoren 11 years ago
I can do a competition if it's necessary to get the beta key, i see how the number of keys just decrease everyday but i haven't one.

zenomex 11 years ago
Well, if you would give me a beta key I'd LOVE to join!

Experienced MOBA player, 18 yrs old and from Holland, can't wait to fide by your side.


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