Come with Magicman and Shadee on an adventure that enters WWII, hits a dungeon or two, then romps through cities in a slow mech machine. Is the MOBA market overcrowded? What the hell happened at 38 Studios? Can Magicman possibly beat Shadee in Smite when it’s released? All this and a discussion on the state of the MOBA market and more on this fun loving episode of the Free to Play Cast!

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  1. I have a massive dubbomb to the team behind swgemu… i don’t know if this counts as free to play, but a team of hardcore fans created an emulator for star wars galaxies and so far there are two servers. Last week i was complaining about the death of the good old mmo, and now i can relive the glory days in the original star wars galaxies completely free and the community on the game is even better than mmobomb’s…. which is saying a lot.

  2. Hey again from The Netherlands. I agree on the fact that the communetie of league of legends is just bad sometimes, sometimes you even get reported if you make 1 mistake even if u win the game at that point. Also a little tip if some1 is flaming ur head of just ignore him/her completaly. The wurst, or most fun, of this all is that the game is called LOL in short. If you ask me the game is mutsh more enjoying when u play like: ah wel good game well played (gg wp) even when u lose and just play it for fun because that is what games are for. I play league of legends a lot, normally with friends, and have a lot of fun just laughing about it. And skype is a majur aspact for teamplay and fun with friends if u ask me.

    Then for the question of a week ago. What is ur favorite animated animal.

    See Ya

  3. I’ve looked at every and played sooooo many mmo’s but none of them seem to be as good as RaiderZ, it was extremely fun! The community was fantastic in the alpha and even when i maxed out everything I caught myself continuously playing!

  4. Also, a big daBOMB(hope I got it right) for Firefall for being such a fun game and whatever they did, they did well, I don`t even know how they are making money out of the game. I just haven`t met a cash shop atleast…And also a big plus for the next big update which is going to erase levels. Keep up the good work, Red 5 Studios, and you too Magicman, I love your show and I watch every one.

  5. I do recall being a “spoiled gamer” and I must say…The truth hurts us all!

    Armored Core?

    I think I said this in the email awhile back…Brimm is a “Need MOAR”..But I can live with Shadee in fact I would say its always good too hear his opinion.

    PS: LoL /MUTEALL too mute everyone. Otherwise yea a peice on MOBA would be most loved by a MOBA player like me.

  6. vindictus have has new trailer now but stil now trailer show 2 dragon dragon raid but most waited and firefall was not first to remove lvl age wulin first to remove it . league of legends :you think na community is badtry eune they r full russian we dont understand them they r so agrasive they just feed 1/10/1 is not good score this happen 1 out 2 time in that server. i tell why we rage many time i have played 900 win 850 loss . till if get feeder in team i really get mad .


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